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- 2009 -

January 11th
<The Elders> created on the Horde faction of The Sha'tar server of WoW-EU.
Originally intended to serve as a personal bank for Brambline. The name was chosen "in case" it would some day be turned into a real guild, but being as anti-social as Brambline had been in all the MMOs she had played, this was highly unlikely to happen.

January 13th
It feels lonely :-(
Swimming in the luxury of having such a huge personal bank starts to feel lonely and Brambline wonders to herself whether there might be "a couple of other older people kicking about" that she could share it with.

January 15th
Anyone out there?
Brambline had never been very long in any of the guilds she'd tried and she had certainly never run a guild of her own. At least in the true sense. Sure she and friends had made small friend guilds before but that was different. Maybe it was time to take the plunge and see what this experience would be like! Brambline sets up a guild page on Guildomatic and posts and advert on the wow-eu forums in both The Sha'tar and Roleplaying forums.

January 16th - February 16th
The first arrivals
During the guild's first month of existance, many members apply. It seems there were more than just "a couple" out there! Amongst those who joined us during the first month: Jeplin (Fostern), Zookni (Ushura), Lyrael, Arawn, Zamarane, Malekyth, Azure, Tanavar and Suzhara. All of whom are still with us!

March 24th
<Elders> created on the Alliance side
Apparently there was a market for this type of guild, because many more applicants poured in. In fact we were getting messages from people who felt sad that we happened to be on the horde side, and had we been on the alliance they'd have joined us. After some careful pondering and weighing our options, we decide to turn the Elders into a cross faction guild as we set up <The Elders> on the alliance side as well.

December 31st
The Elders New Years Bash 2010
We have our first New Years party in the caverns of Un'Goro. All RP servers are invited.

- 2010 -

December 21st
Application process moved to Facebook
Catclysm had just been released and we had a huge influx of new members. But with that also came many griefers. Upon the suggestion of one of our members, Brambline decides to move the application process to Facebook. The system turns out to be a huge relief and success. Now we couldn't live without it!

December 31st
The Elders New Years Bash 2011
We have our second New Years party, again in the caverns of Un'Goro. All RP servers are invited. This time not only is an article made about the event, but we even get a visitor from the US servers who installs the EU version just to come join us!

- 2011 -

January 27th
Guild Houses set up
After a request for the guild to have their own meeting place and after extensive searches for the perfect guild house, it is decided that the Sheep House above Northshire would become the guild house for the alliance side and the abandoned Smithy in Ratchet the guild house for the horde side.

March 10th
<The Elders> & <Elders> registered as guilds on SWTOR.com
After so many years in WoW, we start to feel the itch for trying something new. SWOTR is something that has been on the lips of the members and when guild management opens up on SWOTR.com, Zamarane gives Brambline the heads up. Brambline sets up two accounts, one each for the two guilds.

December 9th
SWTOR Guild Deployment
After getting enough pre-ordered Elders to join both guilds, both The Elders and Elders are successfully deployed as rival guilds, with the hopes that they will both end up on the same server.

December 14th
SWTOR Guild Deployment
Brambline gets her early access to SWTOR and hurries online to get the guilds set up on both accounts. However in her frenzy she mistakingly deletes Brambline (the GM on Empire side), meaning to remake her with different eyes and loses not only her GM status but the whole guild!

January 4th
SWTOR Guild Deployment
After three long weeks of stressing out, Bioware finally makes an update that fixes the leaderless guilds (Brambline had not been the only one to mess up!) and finally we get the Empire side up and running again.

- 2012 -

Changes in guild leadership
Our lovely guild mistress Brambline sadly leaves the guild and a group of people starts to take care of The Elders. The new admins and guild leaders get all the information and help from Brambline. The aim is to keep the guild running as it has always been.

- 2013 -

New Elders and new games
During the year of 2012 Elders join and play more games than ever before. In the beginning of the year 2013 there's new active Elders guilds on the Guild Wars 2 (Piken Square) and on The Secret World (Arcadia).

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