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Guild Rules

Guild Rules and Guidelines

The general aim of the guild is to keep the atmosphere as relaxed and friendly as possible, so rules are kept to a minimum and we try to avoid any feelings of obligation, responsibility or work.

However we do have a couple of things we'll need you to remember

You can find a more detailed description of the rules in the bottom of this document.

These rules have to be respected and followed no matter which game our guild is in.

1. You must be aged 25 or over (no exceptions).

2. Remember to always abide by the special RP server rules set by the game developers.

3. All character names must be suitable Roleplaying names, which fit within the world your game takes place in. (Look at the bottom for more details.)

4. We expect members to stay friendly and considerate towards one another (but that's a given for any guild).

5. Where to talk OOC and IC (Out of Character and In Character)

This applies to all games:

It is allowed to use guild chat for OOC (Out of Character / RL discussion).

/say, /yell, /e or /me (emotes) should always be IC. Think about the public chats.  Remember that you are representing us as a Roleplaying guild.

OOC is allowed in Party chat, Raid chat and such.

(For WoW - /officer is for IC only (In Character / role-playing discussion)

6. To apply to any of our guilds, you need to join our online community on Facebook first. This is where all of our members regardless of game come together to interact and meet each other. This also makes management of the guild easier, as well as checking age of members. We make no exceptions, sorry. To apply, visit our application page and follow the instructions.  http://the-elders.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6

Now comes the fun part, namely all the stuff you DON'T have to do, which most other guilds would normally expect!

1) You don't have to help your fellow guild members.

We understand that one can't always be in the mood to help out and some days you just want to log on and grind, RP or do something else that relieves you from any sense of obligation. If a guild member asks for your help, you are absolutely free to say "Sorry mate, not in the mood today".

2) You don't have to contribute any items or any money to the guild bank.

Our bank is a "one man's junk is another man's treasure" sort of place, so anything that's either picked up or left in there should be done so with this in mind. This also means you don't have to ask permission or let anyone know if you've taken something out. The guild ranks have varying restrictions on how much can be taken out daily anyhow.

3) You don't have to be around.

The guild is like a big cosy home, keeping its doors wide open for members to come and go as they please. Need to be away for a few weeks? A few months? A few years? Fine and dandy with us! We don't delete inactive users, and anyone returning will be greeted just like it was yesterday. We understand that adult lives are hectic and needs come and go.

4) You don't have to be chatty, active or helpful.

Some of our members are extremely sociable, but we also have very quiet folks who just putter around doing their own thing and might not put in a single word during an evening. Perhaps they just get a sense of comfort from our presence, so it feels like they're not in the game alone. This is absolutely fine!

5) You don't have to register or sign up to the guild site or forum.

A lot of guilds actually require this, but the way we see it, things can be handled within the frame of the games world and the tools provided just fine. We see the guild website and forum as a nice "extra on the side" that people are free to join in on, or leave completely out if they so wish.

6) You don't have to you leave your alts behind.

We are not interested in your class, your race, your faction or which particular character you happen to be playing with - instead we are only interested in your lovely company! For this reason, you are welcome to bring as many alts to the guild as you like. There are no restrictions. If a game has different factions, you are of course allowed to have alts joining our guilds on them all - in fact this is warmly recommended to get the most out of this special guild.

The above rules are non-negotiable. Just use your common sense and if in doubt, have a chat with your Guild Leader or Officer.


Now for the rules explained in greater detail should anyone wish for clarification.

1. You must be aged 25 or over.

We get asked a lot "Why 25? Why not 24, 23, 22 etc.?" The simple reason is that we are a guild for older players, and a line had to be drawn somewhere. 25 is that line.

2. The Elders exists mostly on RP servers, so please read the RP server rules made by the developers, to make sure that you do not break them. There are a few exceptions, namely where games do not have official RP servers (such as Piken Square in GW2). However, even if there is no official RP server, keep in mind that we are still a roleplaying guild!

3. All character names must be suitable for a Roleplaying guild.

This is a very tricky one to enforce as everyone will have a different expectation of what is a suitable name for a roleplaying guild. The name must fit into the theme of the game so think of it this way: If your character was in a movie based on the game the character is destined for, would the name fit? Names should not be "ripped" from other sources, i.e. other games, literature etc., but you may use another name as inspiration for your name. Also it is always best to google the name you come up with, this will give you an idea of whether the name is from another source, or you may discover it means something offensive in another language.

Names can occasionally be a combination of words so long as they fit the setting.

Should a name be put to question, the GMs shall decide if it is appropriate, simply because someone somewhere ultimately must decide. Please respect the decision.

4. Be kind and respectful to all other guild members.

This is really a no-brainer. Be friendly, that's all we ask. If you should have a problem with someone, feel free to discuss it with them in a calm and non-aggressive manner; if this is not something you feel comfortable with, then contact a GM or officer who will do their best to resolve the conflict. Nasty people will not be tolerated in this guild as we are a friendly bunch who want nothing more than to enjoy our game with a group of like-minded people.

5. When is it appropriate to talk In Character?

The simple answer for this is ANYWHERE. As this is a roleplaying guild we love to see IC chat happen anywhere and everywhere. In WoW the /officer chat channel is open to all members and is there to be used for IC speak if you would like to use it.

When is it appropriate to speak Out of Character?

OOC speak should be limited to Guild chat, Party/Raid chat and whispers (please bear in mind that some role players will only whisper IC). You should never speak OOC in /say /yell etc..

For more information on IC and OOC chat in WoW please visit the Blizzard website.

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