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 Post subject: Tutorial: Eclipse bar 101
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:03 pm 
Yesterday I heard that a few of you didn't understand the new bar balance druids have gotten in Cata. So therefore I made this little tutorial.

The bar under my mana bar is the Eclipse bar. You don't have to understand it now, but right now I'm in Lunar Eclipse and almost out of a lunar eclipse.

Every balance druid gets with his specialization the eclipse bar, which starts in the middle and at zero. Some rules about the eclipse bar
- The middle point is 0, to the far left is 100 lunar energy and to the right is 100 solar energy
- Once you reach 100 lunar or solar energy, you get a lunar/solar eclipse. A solar eclipse boosts your nature spells, a lunar eclipse boosts your arcane spells.
- The bar can move only one way. If you start as balance druid the arrow won't be an arrow, but a diamond. This is the only time to choose which way you won't to move.

How to work with the eclipse bar
To change your position on the eclipse bar you have three spells to your disposal:
Wrath: Nature damage. Generates 13 Lunar energy
Starfire: Arcane damage. Generates 20 Solar energy
Starsurge: Spellstorm damage. Generates 15 lunar or solar energy, depending on what way you are moving on the eclipse bar

To explain it further, it's best to start with an example.
1. We start at 0 energy. We cast wrath. Wrath generates 13 Lunar energy. We now see the bar move a bit to the left towards a lunar eclipse.
2. We cast starsurge. Starsurge sees we are moving towards a lunar eclipse, so he generates 15 lunar energy. Right now we have 28 lunar energy and are thus a bit closer to our lunar eclipse.
3. We try a starfire. Starfire does it's damage like usual and generates 20 solar energy. Since we are moving towards a lunar eclipse, this energy won't be used and is thus wasted.
4. We continue casting wrath and starsurge until we have 100 lunar energy. Now a lunar eclipse is procced and all our arcane spells have a bonus in damage.
5. The arrow on the eclipse bar now points the other way
6. We want to cast starfire and starsurge now to generate solar energy. This continues until we reach 100 solar energy and we proc a solar eclipse

This situation above continues until we switch to another spec. Lunar or solar energy doesn't deplete, even when you log out. So if you are in a solar eclipse and you log out, the energy isn't lost and you can continue from this point the next time you log in.

Our rotation
Druids, just like other dps, don't have a strict rotation anymore. We use a priority list which we walk through every time to see what we should cast. For us, this means the following.

1. Make sure Insect Swarm and Moonfire are up
2. Cast Starsurge on CD or when the talent Shooting Stars procs.
3. Cast Wrath or Starfire depending on the way you are moving on the eclipse bar, so Wrath if you moving towards the left side (lunar eclipse) and Starfire if you are moving towards the right side (solar eclipse)

Note: if you start the rotation at 0 energy and instead of an arrow you see a diamond in the middle of the bar, I recommend casting Wrath 1 time before you start using Starsurge. I'm not sure how Starsurge behaves if the bar isn't already moving one way.

To get a feeling for the rotation I recommend to go to the training dummy's and start the rotation. Once you have a feeling you should start using your Force of Nature(treants) and Starfall. Starfall is an arcane spell, so if you use it on a lunar eclipse it also get's the bonus damage.

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 Post subject: Re: Tutorial: Eclipse bar 101
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:52 pm 
I don't know anything about that stuff since my druid is both a baby and feral, but thank you very much for posting these instructions! I'm sure they will be tremendously helpful for anyone struggling with the new eclipse system!

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