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 Post subject: a Paladin's fall
PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:09 pm 
Battle Report, 21st November

Fog, damned fog, rain and mud. This is the report for Sergeant Karalyn Ellyndra Rhellian, located at Crown Guard Tower, Lordaeron.

Today I had the night watchmen relieved so they can rest within the remnants of the ruined tower while the day shift are now up. During the night we had no events strangely, the surrounding woodland seeming far too calm as if something is brewing.

We had breakfast from the little food supplies we have left, perhaps not enough to last us three days, and also if we consider the three injured I do not know if we can withstand even a small scale attack.

Our Engineer managed to repair one of the tower's staircases and we did estabilish a lookout on top but I'm not surprised we cannot see a damn thing.

I am worried about the men, their morale is waning, even if their faith is in the right place faith alone cannot sustain us. .... I can also say I am slightly afraid. The attack a week ago left me with less than half of my men and I do not know if our courier to Tyr's Hand made it alive to deliver my message.

*sits down, laying back with her reportbook in her hand with a deep sigh*

The perimeter patrol I sent today returned with dire news of a Scourge caravan transporting corpses toward Plaguewood....but I cannot risk an attack with the 30 men I have left.

*notes added at 5:30 PM*

Darkness has fallen over the lands and our vision even more clouded. I decided to bar the entrance to the tower and the road taking up to it. I do not know how much the barricades can hold out but I can only hope. I can feel movement in the dark... the Scourge is coming. Light have mercy on our souls.

Notes added on 22nd of November, noon (I think)

The Scourge attacked last night, leaving me with six men. We ran due east, Tyr's hand I hope as I lost all of my maps. My men are scared, I have to do my best to keep them from giving into what scares them....

-Sighing the young sergeant leans against a tree-

Seems they stopped chasing us....and we're in a clearing. The Plaguemist is less thick here and I can see well down the road. We have two options. Make camp by the lake for a couple of hours or eventually head east.

I've also been injured, a Ghoul's claw ripping through my left side while corporal Jones has severe injury I am not able to heal. If he succumbs to the disease injected we have to kill him unfortunately.

*Eventually the group of survivors heads down the road*

November 24th or 25th, morning (I believe)

We've been wandering for the past two days. Something is playing with our minds and illusions have led us astray from our paths. According to my still working compass we are headed due East but where we are I have not the slightest idea. I'm left with two warriors and a priestess. Poor girl suffered the shock of her life when two more were taken from us.

I've seen some ruins .... and well here we are now. I do not know what to do.... we ran into a couple of elves wandering around as well. They gave us a small part of the supplies they had.... but seems now we have to go South East. I feel ... fear, darkness in my soul but I dare not share my feelings with the others... I have to lead them. I'm writing this on horseback so excuse the bad handwriting.... it's eerie quiet.. a flap of gargoyle wings now and then.

I look at those left with me .. a middle aged man, possibly a former farmer, wearing mail armour. He is quiet, distraught but seems rather determined. The other a young man, armed with a Great Axe rides by us.... he keeps telling us of his life, his family. And Allysa, a young priestess. The girl isnt older than fifteen.....she cries most of the time... We've reached Corrin's Crossing again....

I am losing my heart but i must not desert my people..

Corrin's Crossing.. our doom or so I thought....... it is nearly evening, darkness creeps in and I am left alone with a back toward a ruined wall. In front of me my two warriors have fallen and the priestess is on her knees behind..... she cries and prays, trying to keep me alive.

I feel the grip of my hand tighten on the sword's hilt, eyes narrow and my fear is overtaken by hatred, anger.

A ghoul attacks from the left, impaling itself onto my two handed weapon while my left hand, clenched in a fist travels toward it's skull .... I feel rotten flesh around my hand as it pierces the bone. I pull back my sword and attack another aiming for it's head. .... With a spurt of rot spraying i put it down for good. One more kick and I push two more back... but they keep coming, forming a half circle around me.

With teeth clanging armoured skeletons approach.. all I could do is defend myself... block after block after block, kicks, punches, heatbutting. Inside something boiled... my sword started to glow and veins of light appeared on the decayed ground... from my position outwards...... death was coming yet the desire to live grew inside me....

Part II

I will finish it soon enough. I just need the time.

Life.. it is all that mattered now.. before me the rattling skeletons were slowly growing more and more charred as they stepped on the holy ground, smoke raising from their bones soon and eventually bright golden flames that eventually waned toward flame-red. Overtaken by the inferno I cut my way toward a shadowy figure behind the undead cohort, a man wearing wizard like robes, gesturing and chanting. I was sure they had struck me several times....i felt the blades of their swords on my flesh, the bluntness of their maces, their claws but I charged forward. I raised my sword toward the right and slashed down....... I could see a gashing wound opening on the sorcerer's torso, blood spurting out all over me and his own minions. Losing focus he fell to the ground. The skeletons crumbled to piles of bones and equipment, while the ghouls fled in the forest after a quick fight for the remains of their master.....

Closing my eyes I felt to my knees eventually the pain overcoming me. I looked behind only to see the priestess fallen as well, most likely exhausted by the effort. As everything went dark before my eyes I could hear words... but I was unable to understand what was said.....

Karalyn Ellyndra Rhellian's Journal, December 2nd.

I am finally capable of writing. Sister Agatha, a nun in Tyr's hand told me i had been awake for the past two days but weakened. Now I can finally sit up and finish this Journal. I am wearing some sort of white gown but i can feel bandages underneath all around my stomach, some along the left thigh...but I am happy. The young priestess that was with me is alive and so is the older warrior. Being told that they've recovered and have returned to active duty fills my soul with joy.....and on top of it High Inquisitor Isildien visited me earlier... .I am to be transferred into the Crimson Guard which is like.... a huge promotion. Probably many of my peers are jealous but this will not mean I will think less of them.....

*notes added at dusk, same day*

Finally I am able to walk to the armoury where our Blacksmith, Vanius showed me my new suit of armour. Beautiful Crimson and Gold, my new sword with blessed runes. Even if I am weakened I could not help myself in trying out this new suit. It is much lighter yet far more durable. Tomorrow I intend to head to the training grounds and eventually get back into shape. I know the High Inquisitor seeks to keep me for a full recovery but I cannot linger....the Light demands us to fight.

** Will be continued.**

Part III

-------- The Crusade's Revenge, aka Battle of the Crown Guard Tower ------------

It all started as planned. It was the morning of December 20th and a chilling cold came all across the Region. Snowflakes were falling from the sky and in the thick orange mist covering the ground in a white blanket of snow. According to our huntsmen and scouts a large Scourge force was camped in the vicinity of the Crown Guard Tower. Being summoned to the Halls of Heroes within the Scarlet Abbey I took my place behind our Captain as he joined General Abbendis, High Inquisitor Isilien and Crusader Lord Valdemar.

With a grim face the Crusader Lord unfolded some maps, eventually speaking "Here is where we stand in this Brothers and Sisters. A fresh contingent of Scourge troops comprising mostly armoured raised warriors, ghouls and shambling zombies has been spotted travelling North to reinforce Stratholme's defenses after our attack a month ago. Along with our General I have decided to send an expeditionary force to the Crown Guard tower to deal with this enemy reinforcement. Crimson Legionnaire Captain Rhellian will provide detailed info on the area as she served around the tower in the past". With a nod from the Lord I stepped forward looking across the map and nodded.

I indicated the road through Corrin's Crossing and spoke "If we are to reach the Crown Tower undetected, we must first stage a diversion here at the town. Fast riders armed with blunderbusses, crossbows and spears can hit the edges of town from multiple directions. According to our knolwedge we will be closing in from the South, therefor we must move swiftly lest our diversion will be compromised. These hit and runners will eventually retreat and later join us in our attack on the enemy force. We will make our stand coming from the Tower's South West. With three lines of attack we will proceed forward. Our bulk infantry supported by Invokers and Medics will advance to draw the shambling enemy forward. Our Crimson Heavy Cavalry will strike from the flanks. My own men will proceed and with a wheel around the main body of the army strike their magical support in the back".

I received a little smile from the Crusader Lord and the approval of the High General and Inquisitor. Eventually I withdrew holding my helmet in my hand. The Crusader Lord gave several other indications to our magi and medics.... the carnage would begin in a matter of hours. Our sorcerers were to literally teleport the army to the battlefield, three thousand Crusaders of all sorts in total. The angel of retribution awoke inside me. . I would make these undead pay for their crimes...

After I ended my prayers and emerged from the majestic halls of the Scarlet Basilica something few people have the opportunity to see unfolded before me. Three thousand Scarlet Infantrymen of all sorts were forming up to be teleported to the Battlefield and on their flanks units of cavalry formed themselves. Armour shining, reflecting the rays of the son gave one the impression they were out of this world... so perfect... so ..pure. I stepped toward my own smaller cavalry unit and mounted. My own barded warhorse snored as I slowly raised my hand giving the move order. We took our position to the back of the army led by the Crusader Lord. ... soon it would begin. I closed both eyes as arcs of magical energy sparked from our sorcerers and the scenery changed. Around us the decrepit forest shimmered in the blows of the howling winds the snow covering slowly but surely the tainter ground. We were to remain in the forest until the Scourge magical support would be spotted... excited, eager to jump into the fray I could barely control my urge to charge...but we had to wait.

Packed infantry in ranks advanced slowly. Confidant but careful at the same time the men and women kept up the pace until the signal came.... an inuman collective moan and rattling came from the Undead army as they began to run or shamble toward our tightly packed forces. The first line braced for the inevitable, locking shields while the men in the back lowered halberds horisontally to impale the attackers. Chanting and gesturing our invokers conjured blazes of fire incinerating literally packs of undead. Our priests put a protective shield on the first formations as with a loud metallic sound the enemy smashed into our shields. From my position concealed upon a hill nearby I could see our champions advance with their mighty two handed swords cutting a bloody path into the enemy mob. Putrid limbs, blood, heads flew, our own men fell before the enemy but the fight continued. Soon a runner appeared on a horse and spoke swiftly "Captain enemy necromancers detected in the rear of their left flank. They're already working their magic on our men.....".

With a nod I raised my sword and looked at my small unit just as our own horsemen impacted with the flanks of the Scourge army.
"For Lordaeron, for the Crusade, CHARGE!"

We picked up momentum slowly I could feel the wind blow through my hair. The horse snored as we approached the right flank, detouring around our own cavalry...and there they were. Robed in black, unleashing their foul spells on our brave warriors. I could feel time itself slow around me as we struck like hammer. Blood Splattered all across my armor as the first foul sorcerer was crushed under the hooves of my horse.... I raised my sword and struck feeling the blade cutting through bone, flesh a fountain of blood spraying from the woman's artheries but this only made me want even more...

Eventually I could hardly see before me a skeletal warrior lowering it's spear. I found myself in the air falling on the ground only to be swarmed by skeletons. I dragged myself up.... focusing once more... the veins of hallowed ground spiking forward from my position. I once more cut with my blade through the burning carcasses ..as the fighting unfolded before me. Making my way to what appeared to be the leader I slammed him with my shield forcing him to interrupt his spell, shoving him back a few meters.

The foul necromancer struck back unleashing some unknown spell on me.. ... i felt my insides rot but I had already flown into frenzy. I tossed my longsword and shield reaching for the two handed weapon. Pain gave me strength....I do not remember much but before me his staff broke. I shoved my gauntlet forward punching his face ...and I felt bone shatter, teeth fragments coming out of his mouth. I shoulder slammed into him and with a swift move from lower right to upper left I cut.... his robe burst open, blood once more covering me .. foul tainted blood. Stabbing forward the longsword impaled him directly through the heart and he fell. Only ten minutes later I fould myself unable to resist his foul curse anymore.... just as our surviving men cleansed the battlefield I fell to my knees..... it all became black once more for me as my very life was eaten away by the spell.

[More will follow soon]

The Fall

Whispers were all I could feel in my mind, his voice commanding yet soothing went through my head and I tried to resist. As my eyes opened all I could see was a Darken tomb around me. My eyes opened wide and I stood up as two robed figures examined my behavior. Their Black robes and heraldry indicated they were part of the Cult of the Damned, necromancers or necrolyte apprentices. They turned toward a man, dressed in similar attire and the female of the two spoke "The process is complete my Lord, she has been safely resurrected as one of our own". With a guttural voice the man she addressed to approached shoving the two aside, helping me up to my feet and spoke with a fatherly voice "There child, you're all good! Come now, you must proceed with your training, for you are the Lich King's mightest servant, Death incarnate". Indeed it was true, a part of me revolted, but the other obeyed humbly. Standing firmly onto my feet several Undead servitors approached, removing my robe, helping my change clothing, finally strapping pieces of Full Plate armour on. Despite it's bulk the armour seemed durable and of superior craftsmanship compared to what I used to wear. Black as night with fuming skulls on the shoulderpads I was soon fully armoured.

The old man smiled, a wicked diabolical smile as he nodded satisfied, "She looks beautiful, the Angel of Death", he proclaimed excitedly. Walking toward a nearby Mirror I could see the changes. My skin was deathly pale, my eyes glowed in an icy blue, my once golden hair was now snow white with silver highlights. I was Damned but I felt no joy, no sadness. As if guided by an unseen hand I walked down the gloomy halls of the Necropolis with necrolytes cowering as I passed among them. Reaching a large training hall a man in black and ice-blue armor approached grasping my shoulder "So you are finally awake. Wretched one you are indeed. I am Instructor Razuvious and I will train you should you survive your first trials. Combat is what you will learn, properly. Forget all you were taught in life. In Death you will be the best soldier in the world, the bane of all foes!". Indicating to a caged human male he smiled "That fool .. weak, he failed several trials. If you defeat him and survive you will show your strength. Take a weapon from any rack nearby and put him out of his misery. He will still be of use as a Ghoul".

Forced to do as told I grabbed a two handed blade from the racks. At a signal the cage was unlocked and the hapless fool was released, grabbing a weapon himself. Charging forward in my direction much to the amusement of the Instructor we exchanged a couple of blows but Death had given me resilience and strength. With a vertical blow I shattered his blocking sword, leaving the fool exposed. Without a moment's thought I slashed again cleaving him in twine from groin to the top of his head. Applauding mockingly the Instructor approached again and spoke "You will do fine. It is time to earn your runes woman".

Taking the blade to a nearby Rune-Forge I pressed the weapon's blade into the frozen flames as whispers again flooded my mind. My gloved hand danced over the blade, runes of power appearing on the weapon. Neither frozen, nor seared I pulled backward holding the weapon in my left hand as an icy glow surrounded it's blade. Eager I jabbed a nearby Necrolyte, impaling the man on the Rune-Blade. As it pierced his body I saw his flesh freeze and his soul sucked into the weapon. While I had comitted Murder the Instructor grinned "You're a cruel one too, the Lich King will be pleased".

With these words I moved slowly toward the nearby Balcony where in all his glory, the Lord of the Scourge waited. As I approached he spoke quietly, "So you finally arrived, my daughter. You must know that all like you are my sons and daughters and should you serve well you will be well rewarded. Fail me and you will die permanently. To earn your Knighthood you must perform a few quests, so stay and listen carefully".

All I could do is nod in complete obedience and awe only answering back "Yes, My Lord".

My mind flooded with images, omens, runes, information I'd need for my future missions. With a nod I acknowledged to the Lich King I had understood what the images meant. His deep voice again could be heard "Go down to Death's Reach, Acolyte, there you will find Prince Kesseleth who will direct you further. Now go!".

All I could do was proceed forward to the teleportation circle and a fraction of a moment later I was down, below the citadel, on the ground. The Plague had already begun changing this area as I moved forward toward the Command tent, entered and bowed speaking "Hail thee, Lord Kesseleth, Blood Prince. I am Acolyte Rhellian, sent here to aid in the offensive against the Scarlet Crusade". Turning toward me I could see for the first time the Prince's features, nearly High Elven yet his skin was white as snow. After a few moments of studying me he spoke quietly on a very natural toned voice "Go below to the town of new Avalon. I want you to engage civilians and Scarlet Infantry alike. I care not for trophies, Acolyte. Claim their souls for your blade!". With a nod I bowed and clad in my armour I descended a slow, passing a nearby mine, where our ghouls had already begun the assault. Before me lay the last uncorrupted piece of Lordaeron. New Avalon and behind it a Central Keep and fortifications.

Scanning the area with my gaze I came upon a group of farmers, trying to flee to the safety of the village. I felt the power of Death coursing through me and I began moving toward them slowly, the runeblade twitching in my grasp, eager to draw blood. The father of the family in an act of bravery lowered his pitchfork toward me, muttering "... .S...Stay away monster.... or I shall impale thee!". For a second i thought he had recognised me, which he probably did. Charging into the mid of the peasant group, I shoved the Pitchfork out of my path with a mere flick of my free hand, pushing the Runesword into his chest, his stomach then directly through his throat. Blood sprayed over my armour, my face yet it felt so wonderful. I could see his entrails coming out through the gashing wound I had done to him in the stomach area and in a spray of blue steam his soul was sucked into the Runesword. The wife and children cowered or fled as I stepped toward each. Feeling their fear, hatred and pain I picked up the youngest child, a boy, looking him in the eyes. I had no intention of giving them a quick death..... they abandoned me on the battlefield now ...they would ALL pay.

Impaling the young boy on my sword, I shaked the weapon left and right violently, hearing bone snap and soon his body came severed in two. His soul as well would join that of his father. A single shriek came from his teen aged sister as she attacked me as well. Defending myself was not an issue for in her frenzy she became easy trappings, my sword piercing her beautiful face, coming out through the back of her skull. Licking my lips I grasped her throat, withdrawing my weapon, licking it's frozen blade clean of the blood. The mother however prooved much more entertaining. I was happy to oblige her begs of a quick death, yet eager to test my new abilities I focused the spells taught to us into her corpse. Her eyes opened but were no longer normal. They were a yellowish white. Her once pale skin turned corpse grey as she raised to her knees, babbling incoherently about food. With a mere jump she was back on her feet and all I had to do is point.

Darting across the field I saw her pounce my quarry, a Scarlet Infantryman, her teeth tearing into his throat. Despite his struggles to escape was eaten alive, with the ghoul woman, mewling with delight as she devoured him. Leaving her on her own free will she would proceed in throwing the town further into mayhem. While necromancy had it's wonderful abilties I was eager to test the Ice Magic. With an incoming Crusade Spearman I smiled, raised my Runeblade in greeting, waiting for the proper second. Extending my hand forward a howling wave of ice bathed him, encasing his body in a thick crust of frozen water. A mere punch with my bladed gauntlet was enough to shatter him into pieces. That moment I decided I would go deeper into the School of Frost Magic. His companion flinched but continued her attack, trying to use her Light given powers. While slicing her skin barely to interrupt her concentration with my blade I touched her forehead whispering a soft incantation. That very moment her skin began to freeze and rot at the same time, soon withering her out, putting an end to her life. For the first time I felt happy with what I did.... I felt I had found my calling

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