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 Post subject: Crime and Punishment
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:58 pm 
When the soul travels, memories are lost but instinct remains.
Lystran the great

He glared at the men laughing at him in the tavern. How dare they. Don’t they know who he is? Will he have to kill them.
For laughing?
Wait a moment who am I? And where exactly is this place? He reached instinctively to his hips, hoping to find some weapons there. Nothing...
Then one of the louts approached him, his tankard swaying drunkenly as he approached. A hundred calculations went through his head. He’d seen this sort of thing before, but he couldn’t remember where. For some reason his instincts took over, like fine tuned training. He analysed the men in an instant.
Man approaching, seems drunk, check eye dilation, (eyes are biggest clue to fakery), check clothing and body line for concealed weapons. None found, move on. He’s still coming over...
2 friends, both appear drunk, check eyes for trickery, check body line for concealed weapons. Experience, what experience? Tells this one these men are not much of a threat. Then why are they laughing? Check self. Shouldn’t I be wearing clothes?
Why am I naked?
Laughter explained...


Suddenly the room erupts in a ball of blue energy and everyone except me is thrown outside a newly made globe of magic. A quick examination reveals that everyone except me is stunned and pressed against the wall or some other immovable object.
Now the little man who did this is handing me some clothes and a dagger and I can’t hear a word he’s saying. I’ve been drunk before but this takes the biscuit. It’s a shame he’ll be dead in less than an hour.


Joined: Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:41 pm
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 Post subject: Re: Crime and Punishment
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:58 pm 
Outside the tavern I had hoped to feel the sun on my bare arms, but the tall buildings created too many shadows. The little man is something called an Asura, his name is Peke. I don’t remember seeing one before, but he is strangely familiar none the less. He has been muttering something about prophecies, broken gates and soul training. I honestly don’t know what he’s babbling about but he is going to take me to someone who will explain it more clearly.
We walk for a little while as he confuses me by asking me about my previous lives. He seems convinced that I have lived before, in many different worlds but always in a similar role, it seems that was all part of ‘the plan’.


Then he says something that stops me cold in my tracks, and I suddenly remember. He mentions my parents and a cold shiver runs down my spine. A connection, a recollection, always an orphan he says. He is right, but why? Why was I always an orphan and why does the thread about other lives suddenly make sense.

I am impatient now, he’s being too cryptic. I can’t wait to see this mystery man who will explain all.

Then Peke’s head explodes like a watermelon shot at close range by a scattergun.

It suddenly all makes sense. I don’t recognise this world but it is still strangely familiar, and although the surroundings are not familiar yet my instincts kick in.

Shot fired from where?

9 o’clock position... look up...

Elevated sniper, 12 feet high, up there on the balcony, staircase to the left. Screaming citizens darting for cover. Shooter taking aim again, can’t see his face for the mask he’s wearing, possibly human.

Adopting a crouching weaving run, shot ricochets off to my left inches from where I was half a second ago. Close to the staircase now, he’s realised my intention, he takes aim at the stairs knowing it’s my approach run. If I run up the stairs he’ll have a clear shot and we both know it now. Instinct kicks in again, I heft the dagger in my palm, it’s perfectly balanced. I hold the blade between my thumb and forefinger and kiss the hilt for luck and I throw it.

Today I am still alive, Peke is dead and the assassin has a dagger in his larynx. He cannot speak unfortunately so I finish him quickly, no anger just instinct. I am starting to get an understanding of what Peke was on about.
Two hours ago I was naked in a tavern, nameless and pointless, I thought I had never used a dagger before but here I am. Now I understand a little of my purpose but it is still very confusing. Someone wanted to train me, correction - train my soul, and someone else wants me dead. Well Fence, hmm that must be my name, time to cover up and do some deep digging. I shall cover my face and avoid detection until I know more about my trainer and my nemesis.

I wipe the dagger clean on the assassins green hair.


Joined: Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:41 pm
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 Post subject: Re: Crime and Punishment
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:00 pm 
I suppose it was only a matter of time before I got my memory back. Funny how it happened though. I was on a scouting mission with Darren, Patricia and Sophia. The purpose of the mission was to show Patricia the devastation a single dragon can cause to convince her to support the cause. We visited the Dragonrot Domains, a place called the Dragonbrand. It was a swathe of devastation created by a single dragonflight, the earth underneath was all dead, the air around it ripped and wracked with constant storms. A place of darkness and death, lit up by the occasional lightning bolt.

After a few minutes of exploration I collapsed to my knees, blood pouring out of my nose and ears, I thought my head was about to explode. The other three failed to notice, so enraptured were they by the devastation. I suddenly remembered who I was and what I did here, when this place was rich grassland...

He was orphaned at an early age, forced to grow up in the tough streets of Ebonhawke. It wasn’t a pleasant place, it was a war zone. He was born into the siege and knew nothing else, he couldn’t read or write, and the only way he could survive was to steal. Eventually he got noticed by a kindly old fence, and became part of his street gang. Gang warfare inside the city soon found its way to the old fence, and he was killed by a more ruthless gang. Robin was no longer allowed to steal within the city, and so he found another way to earn a living.

He would sneak out of the city at night and find the bodies of those killed by Charr patrols, sometimes he’d find dead Charr. He would cut off fingers to retrieve rings, remove gold teeth with pliers and steal clothing that could be resold. Over time he became more and more ruthless, he would even put people ‘out of their misery’ as he had no way to get them back to the city without risking his own precious life. Then one day he was captured in the act by a Vanguard patrol and dragged back to the city.
Execution was the punishment dished out to looters in this harsh environment, and he faced certain death. Then he was offered an alternative. A powerful group had been working with Asura scientists to find a way to defeat the dragons they knew would awaken one day. They had developed technology that could transfer souls between bodies using technology similar to the teleportation gates they were developing. The technology was in its infancy and still in the prototype stages, they had mixed successes as well, however it was not certain death, unlike the noose that awaited him. These gates would transfer souls between worlds, not just cities, and they were a mixture of magic and science.

He took the offer of galactic scout, but before that he was ‘programmed’. We can’t exactly call it brainwashing, but it was very similar. He was given knowledge about the dragons, and given a hidden agenda which would sit in his sub conscious until it needed to activate. He wasn’t the only one in the program, some people even volunteered. His role was to go out into the universe and learn different fighting techniques, some tools that might help in the battles to come, then one day he would return to this world and help to fight the dragons.

Robin couldn’t place a date on when this happened, the old Robin couldn’t read or write and dates were meaningless. He did however remember this dragonbrand as it was before it became devastated. Rolling grassland, stripped of trees as the Charr chopped down everything to build their siege engines. And he had never seen a Sylvari, the first night he met two Sylvari he thought they were humans in costume. So he knew this had to have happened more than 25 years ago. He also remembered two lives very clearly so he estimated it to be at least 100 years. Were the people who did this still in existence, did Peke work for them? Regardless of all this he wiped the blood from under his nose and went to tell Sophia the awful truth of who he really was.

I have returned to my homeland and I have a mission.

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