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 Post subject: Nyrrisa - Memories
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2009 3:36 pm 
The Performance
Held safely in her mother's arms the young Nyrrisa gazed, from the wings of the stage, across the audience but they were not looking at her. Instead their attention was held by her father, Taedon ,a young priest of the Light who was singing. Although devoted to the Light, singing was Taedon's passion. Taedon's faith in the Light kept him from being overly proud of his accomplishments but his voice was said to be one of the best ever heard. A voice that could soar is if on wings and rumble like thunder. The Draenei called him 'The Windsinger'.
Nyrrisa glanced over her shoulder as she heard quiet voices behind her. Two senior clerics were talking in hushed tones. Turning back to continue watching her father the voice of the clerics continued.
"So the rumours are true?"
"Yes, the report said that scouts from all regions report that the Orcs are mobilizing."
"Will they attack?"
"No one is really sure, although we cannot see any other reason for their increased activity. There is a meeting of the Council tomorrow, we will know more after that."

Loss of Faith
Tears streamed down Taedon's cheeks as he held Nyrrisa close to his chest, trying to stop her from seeing her mother's body on the ground in front of them. Around them the village was a smoking ruin, corpses of orcs and draenei everywhere, the few remaining guards sitting exhausted on the floor. It was only the arrival of reinforcements just as the orcs attacked that had meant there were any survivors at all.
"Why?" cried Taedon "Why did the Light let this happen"

Listen to the Wind
Nyrissa sat quietly beside her father who was gazing out across Zangermarsh. The sound of slow footsteps approached.
"Greetings Windsinger"
Nyrissa and her father stood as they turned to face the new comer.
"How did you know who I am?" asked Taedon.
"I am Farseer Nobundo and although I never had the pleasure of meeting you before the wind has told me all about you."
Nyrissa studied the Farseer as she had not been this close to one of the Krokul before.
"The wind?" said Taedon with a perplexed look on his face.
"Indeed, the gift of your voice is well known to the winds of Draenor" answered Nobundo.
"I do not sing any more, I have lost faith in my voice and the Light" replied Taedon bitterly.
"I have not come to ask you to sing but to listen. The wind tells me it is time that your gift is repaid. Come, I have much to tell you." The Farseer looked at Nyrissa and smiled. "Bring your daughter to, I think she will want to hear this as well."

From the Wreckage
Consciousness slowly returned to Nyrissa and the memory of the Exodar's crash; she could smell burning. Then she realized that the sounds she could hear were of someone in pain. Standing carefully Nyrissa located the woman lying some 30 feet away who was moaning in pain. Walking unsteadily she reached the woman and knelt beside her. Concentrating hard she used one of her newly learnt shamanistic spells to summon a wave of healing energy to help the woman.

Here and Now
Nyrissa pulled her mind back to the present. Strange that the journey to Northrend should have her recall all those events. This was the second time this had happened to her. After the first time this had happend she had returned to the remains of Draenor, that everyone called the Outlands, and had aided the Athanatoi in the battles against the Illadari there. What would now happen in Northrend.

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