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 Post subject: Letter: Master Cylus Mor'an to Administrator Derrin Weller
PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:10 pm 
(I can and have written short stories before, but I am much better at writing from the first person point of view, so this is my Jedi Knight character's (Andris) introduction letter from his Master to the administrator at the Jedi Academy on Tython. Unless Andris tells you about his past though, you wouldn't know any of the details mentioned in the letter, as Master Mor'an hasn't discussed the issue with anyone outwith the Jedi Council. Nonetheless, Jedi are people too, so you may have heard vague rumours, and you can of course see the scars on Andris's face)

Kind Sir

I am grateful for your help with arranging a space at the Academy for my Padawan. I believe the Council informed you confidentially that Andris joined the Order under very unusual circumstances, having begun his Force training as a Sith Acolyte on Korriban. Please understand though that his status as Acolyte notwithstanding, Andris was a slave. It is my understanding that his training was somewhat of a pet project of his Master's, who seems to have amused himself with watching his human apprentice struggle through impossible tasks.

From the little Andris has told me about his former Master, the Sith seems to have played mind games with the boy, lavishing him with a proud Master's praise and ignoring him to the point of neglect at random. Unsurprisingly, Andris does not give his trust easily and will not forgive disloyalty, real or perceived.

Andris is unaware of his origins, nor does he know his exact age. I believe he fell into the hands of the Sith as an infant during the war. His parents are presumed dead, or so his Sith Master seems to have assured him on many occasions. If this is true, then I must conclude the Sith spared the child purely for his potential in the Force, as they would not bother raising an infant when slaves can be made so much more readily through capture.

Without a doubt Andris suffered bogth physical and mental abuse at the hands of the Sith. To what extent I still cannot say, except that it is significant. Andris rarely speaks of his life on Korriban, and when he does, he shares few details. The scars and his behaviour speak for themselves however.

Andris is a good kid at heart, but he is angry, and I am concerned that his anger will get the better of him as he gets older and grows to fully realise just how much the Sith have taken from him. This path is especially dangerous for him; although he knows that the Force must be used without emotion, he finds it difficult to overcome his early training, which taught him to embrace his passions and use them to fuel his power. He is frighteningly adept at channeling his anger into combat already, and he struggles when faced with tasks that require gentler application of the Force. Andris must learn to let go of his anger, and I am afraid I am no longer the best teacher for him as I find it hard to remain unbiased knowing what state he was in when I found him.

I therefore entrust you, Administrator Weller, and the Masters at Tython Academy with the welfare of my Padawan, and hope that you will keep me updated with his progress.

May the Force be with you
Master Cylus Mor'an

(I actually have a concrete story in mind for how Master Cylus found Andris, but nothing on paper yet.)

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