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The way of the Seeker 4 - Ambassador to the .. Sheep?
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Author:  Dahk [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:34 am ]
Post subject:  The way of the Seeker 4 - Ambassador to the .. Sheep?

It's been a long while since I got to sit down and share my stories to all.. Some of you members to our beloved guild have not been born yet in the distant past I travelled the lands. And so it came roughly two years ago our former warchief Thrall sent me on a journey beyond Kalimdor that would take longer then anticipated. But more on that in another passage.

When I did return the world had changed. Thrall no longer warchief, Deathwing risen from the depths and long unexplored lands suddenly thriving with good and ofcourse bad folk. Since I was still an ambassador and my success with the Penguins of Northrend where not forgotten I was tasked and asked to venture forth and try yet again to gain the trust of the smaller inhabitants of Azeroth.

And so.. I went forth to Uldum and made contact with king Phaoris. A local leader of the city of Ramkahen.


Uldum's locals where not as impressed by my state of diplomacy yet as others would and so the king sent me off on some investigation of my own to find the most interested group that would be willing to join the Horde.


Everyone knows Taurahe is a complex language driven by centuries of local culture and history. However communicating with a camel was, even for the most seasoned bull, way out of my league. Still the hump did aid me as he served as a front man to the organised group of .. yep.. Sheep.


I sat down with them and their leader who wished to remain unknown *cough* laid out their demands in terms of wool parting and food collecting. All of you who have read up know this was going nowhere fast and so, in everyone's interest, we came to agreement that they would be willing to aid the Horde in terms of winter clothing.


And so at the end of the day I left with yet another victory under the belt. Another group of locals willing to aid the Horde in rough times. Still.. One wonders if being an ambassador is still worthwhile..

I may opt to become a loremaster to the Horde soon given my state of knowledge and so I travelled back to Garrosh...

- Passage taken from "The Dreamwalkers Journey", a book by Dahk Dreamwalker.

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