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 Post subject: Fadeal`s Story
PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 7:54 pm 
I thought it would be a good idea to give you an introduction to Fadeal so you will know why she is the way she is if you ever meet her in game.
Fadeal was born in Stormwind, the only child to Aaron and Nual Pearce. Aaron was a noncommissioned officer in the Stormwind guard and spent most of his time trying to climb the Stormwind social ladder so that he could become a Stormwind officer.

Fadeal for the most part was left to get on with it, the butt of jokes at school because she was not one of the pretty, popular ones and the actions of her parents at the Stormwind social functions as they pretended to be better than they were. In time Fadeal withdrew finding solace in books, she would read anything she could especially the books she found in the Mages quarter. As Fadeal grew up her troubles grew as well, being shouted and jeered at while she got on with her her chores in and around Stormwind became a common thing.

As time went on Fadeal withdrew more and more spending more time with her head in a book of one sort or another, slowly plotting her revenge on all those who made her life so miserable. Those she went to school with, the Stormwing guard who had started calling her mad Fad, her parents and anyone else who crossed her for that matter.

About a week or so before she was planning to start her revenge she decided to go for a long walk to clear her head and make sure she had not forgotten anything. It was while she was on her walk that she came across a lone scourge soldier at the clearing of a wood, slowly she crept forward to get a better look captivated by its actions, not knowing that while she was watching the undead a group of undead were watching her, by the time she had realized this it was too late and she was being tied to a pole and dragged to their camp.

Fadeal can’t remember much of being a scourge slave or that is what she would have you believe. The next thing she can recall is being buffeted toward a great underground city. For months she wandered this great city strangely not at all worried or scared by the sights that befell her, taking everything in. And then there were the books, oh the books here were like nothing she had read before and those she shared this underground city with, not one of them cared who she was or what she was but what was even better was for once in her existence she felt accepted, she felt like she belonged. Again Fadeal started to read. The more she read the more she knew that becoming what she had become was fate and what was meant to be.

Today Fadeal wanders Azeroth still plotting and planning her revenge on those who made her living life so painful, this time though she has the powers of the Arcane on her side all she needs now is to hone her new found skills and then... Judgment day.

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 Post subject: Re: Fadeal`s Story
PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:01 am 
NICE .......I love it :D

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