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 Post subject: Soulspite's Story
PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 2:01 am 
Soulspite's Story

Darkness, complete and utter darkness, then, a distant light, imperceptible at first but slowly growing. Closer, ever closer and a sound piercing the silence, like the sound of a distant wind. Brighter, almost blinding and the noise, a cacophony of sound like the crashing of waves.
Pain, unbearable, excruciating pain. Screams, agonised screams, and with a sudden flash of realisation he realised the screams were coming from himself. He slowly opened his eyes, the effort almost draining him of energy, everything was just a bright blur. Then, slowly, an image formed in front of him. Features reveal themselves to him, a face, yes, that’s what it is, but the eyes, the eyes glow unnaturally, the skin pallid and worn.
'This one's made it' he hears a deep, echoing voice say.
'Rise' a powerful voice commands and he feels himself unable to resist and slowly, painfully he stands up. 'So, young one, the Dark powers have found you worthy of joining our ranks' the powerful voice says, 'But I on the other hand, doubt you have what it takes'.
He turns his head towards the direction of the voice and sees a powerfully built figure in Plate armour, an unnatural aura surrounding him. The figure exudes power.
'Take him and induct him' the figure says then turns around and strides away through a huge wooden door. 'This way' the deep voice says and he turns to see a tall Elf, also in plate armour, pointing at a small door from the chamber. He follows the Elf slowly, painfully, down a long corridor until he enters a large, bustling chambers full of figures running and sparring. 'This is where you will train' the Elf says, 'Report to him over there in the red, Instructor Razouvious', 'tell him Orbaz sent you'.

Months later, after gruelling training and sparring sessions, Instructor Razouvious calls him to one side and says 'you are fortunate initiate, the Lich King has been watching you and summons you to his prescence'. He walks through Ebon hold towards the balcony overlooking Havenshire and kneels before the massive form of the Lich King. 'I've been watching you initiate, and now I think it is time to unleash you in the service of the Scourge'.
'I am at your command my Master' he says 'what is thy bidding'. The massive form of the Lich King turns to him and says 'There is a problem in Quel'Thalas, our forces are being harried by some insects not far from Silvermoon city. Report to Deatholme, gather some troops then seek out this nuisance and swat them. You will be my bloody hand of vengeance and from this day forth you will be known not as initiate, but as Soulspite'.

Three days later, Soulspite stands amongst the butchered bodies of the small band of Blood Elves, the 'Insects' had truly been dealt with. Something about the sight of the bodies didn't sit right with Soulspite, he had relished the fighting and his use of the Dark Magicks he had been taught, but, as he looked about the camp in the silence of the aftermath he was overcome by a feeling that he knew this place somehow, knew these people. Putting these thoughts to the back of his mind, he gathered his troops and set off back to the Scourge stronghold of Deatholme.

Years pass, many battles are fought and won, Soulspite has fought on numerous battlefields and shed much blood in service of the Lich King. One autumn day, in a camp not far from the ruins of Andorhal, a messenger arrives on horseback. He presents himself to Soulspite and says 'The Lich King demands your prescence, you are to report to Ebon Hold immediately'. Soulspite collects his gear and Runblade, mounts his Deathcharger and heads for Ebon Hold, skirting the Scarlet Crusade strongholds of Tyrs hand and Lights Hope Chapel. Immediately on his arrival at Ebon Hold, Soulspite presents himself to the Lich King.
The Lich king gazes down at him and says in a booming voice, 'All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge.
Gaze now upon the lands below us. The Scarlet Crusade scurries to undo my work, while Light's Hope stands defiantly against us, a blemish upon these Plaguelands. They must all be shown the price of their defiance.
You will are my force of retribution. Where you tread, doom will follow. Go now and claim your destiny, Death Knight'.

After weeks of furious fighting, the scourge finally corner the remaining Argent Dawn forces at Lights Hope Chapel. On a hilltop overlooking the tiny church, Soulspite along with Highlord Darion Mograine, Orbaz Bloodbane, Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver prepare the forces of the Scourge for the final assault.
As the skies of Azeroth rain with blood Highlord Mograine gives the order to charge. At the forefront of the attack, Soulspite leads the Scourge forces in a furious battle with the defenders of the light, the battle goes well at first but at a critical phase in the battle the Argent Dawn forces are reinforced by the arrival of Tirion Fordring. From this moment, Highlord Mograine finds that the corrupted sword Ashbringer refuses to respond to his wishes and eventually the Scourge forces are slowly beaten back.
Soulspite hears the sound of horses hooves approaching him and has to leap clear as Orbaz Bloodbane flees the battlefield on his Deathcharger. Soulspite swears revenge on Bloodbane for leaving his troops in the heat of battle and turns to find that he is almost surrounded by Argent Dawn troops. Highlord Mograine orders the Death Knights to stand down and Soulspite kneels to the victorious Fordring.
He stares at the Argent Dawn troops surrounding him, murderous thoughts running through his head and is only brought out of this rage by the arrival of the Lich King himself. It is then that he learns how the Lich King has betrayed the Death Knights and used them as bait to draw Fordring out in to the open. Soulspite looks on as Highlord Mograine hands the Ashbringer over to Fordring who attacks the Lich King. Visibly shaken, the Lich King portals away to leave the Death Knights to their fate. Ready for death at the hands of the Argent Dawn, Soulspite lays down his Runeblade and awaits his fate, but is amazed when Highlord Mograine announces the formation of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Mograine approaches Soulspite and says 'You fought well today, but I have a task for you, I want you to go to Orgrimmar and tell Warchief Thrall what has occurred here today and remember, from this day forth, you are free of the Lich King'.

Soulspite surveys the scene of carnage before him, the remains of the small Scourge camp lay scattered before him. He sees a small box on the floor by the body of a headless Ghoul, he picks it up and tries to open it, but it is locked. He makes his way back to Lights Hope Chapel and reports to Carlin Redpath that the Scourge raiders have been dealt with. Soulspite shows Redpath the box he has found and he suggests finding a Rogue with the appropriate skill in the nearby capital city of Silvermoon.

Soulspite strides through the city streets of Silvermoon conscious of the horrified looks he receives from the Blood Elves, he knows it is of no concern but it somehow bothers him more that the Blood Elves look at him with disgust than any of the other races he has encountered. Lost in his thoughts he bumps into one of the city guards. The guard glares at him but Soulspite reaches in his bag and pulls out the locked box, 'Rogue?' he inquires to which the guard points across the street and says 'In the Inn,Rogue called Malekyth, carries 2 swords, dark hair in a tail, you can't miss him'.
Soulspite enters the inn and and looks around, he spots the Rogue at the bar and approaches him, the Inn is silent as he reaches him. The Rogue puts down his drink and reaches down to one of his swords, he turns slowly to face Soulspite and a horrified look crosses the Rogue's features. The Rogue whispers, 'Sargeron?'



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