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A Brief History Of Jeplin Sparkjumper
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Author:  Jeplin [ Thu Jan 06, 2011 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  A Brief History Of Jeplin Sparkjumper

The Sparkjumper is not an old family by Gnomish standards.The linage actually goes back to Fronc Gearstrip who as Sparkjumper legends tells us averted disaster by grabbing two ends of a sheared power coupling,letting the extreme voltage pass through his body.This act of lunacy or courage enabled the Repair Bots to divert power from other sections of the City to keep most of the Engineering level active.Rumours have it that he held on for a good hour before being freed.Gnomish medical studies indicated that the reason behind his uncanny feat could have been the unnatural thickness of his skin.

300 years later Jeplin Sparkjumper was born an only child.The family had suffered various setbacks after the heroic actions of their ancestor,and had found themselves mostly carrying out menial duties on one of the Machine Shops.
Even as a youngling Jeplin had ideas beyond his station,his duties as a 'Grease Operator'did not fit the many ideas and fantasies roaming inside his brain.He was given various disciplineries for lucklustere work,not attending his station and for being a general lazy layabout.
His most notable crime(Alas lost from the records after the Fall)was being in possession of several crates of musical boxes that had been reported stolen.His defense was that he was holding them as gifts for the many suitors he had.This was exposed as a downright lie.

In the dark day and confusion of the Fall,Jeplin as usual was not on his station and luckily for him was lurking somewhere near the upper levels of Gnomeregan.When struggling to escape via one of the many ventilation shafts he happened apon a young female Mage who was in dire trouble.Jeplin in an act of unknown(to him a least)heroism managed to rescue the Apprentice Zookni and beat off two Troggs armed with nothing more than a piece of bronze sheeting and a rusty pipe.

Since that day,the two Gnomes have been inseperable,watching each others back and journeying together through the wilds of Azeroth.Even though Jeplin dismisses the idea of any attraction between himself and Zookni,there must lie hidden a deep friendship for them to remain this close.

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