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 Post subject: The way of the Seeker 1 - Ogre's in the hills
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:53 am 
The way of the Seeker - Part 1

Ever since Dahk was a little bull he dreamed about exploring the lands and laying ties with those lands he would visit. (More about his past in the prologue later).


Since Dahk became a spokesman for the Horde his drive to knowledge became even stronger. He would take it upon himself to "see it all" and so decided to see if Lady Sylvannas had some investigating to do. It turned out there was some bonding to do between the Horde and the Ogre's residing in the neighbouring lands of Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains.


Upon arriving at Tarren Mill Dahk found himself being put to good use right away. Being able to communicate with spirits made sure the conversation between the Banshee spirit and the Blood Elf magus went the way it should had to go. Dahk listened intently to what both had to say and it came down to the fact the Ogre's of Alterac had been making a lot of mess in the surrounding ruins. Primarely a huge pile of poop and the downhill wind made the issue for the citizen's of Tarren Mill hard to even breath fresh air.


And so Dahk took off to have a word with the Ogre Chieftain residing in the ruins' large fortress. Even though he would represent the Horde the two henchmen where not all that eager to let Dahk have his talk with the chieftain. By throwing it onto a political style the two brutes where talked down because of lack of knowledge and Dahk could make his statement for Tarren Mill to the chieftain. The chieftain's vocabulary made it hard to communicate and even words like "Poop no more" did not seem to have the effect Dahk wanted.


And so this led no where and the only solution, with the aid of the Love festival, was to stock up on perfume and cologne for the citizens of Tarren Mill to mask the scent of Ogre during the downhill winds.

Yes.. the life of an Ambassador who seeks out knowledge let's a lot to be deserved.

- Passage taken from "The Dreamwalkers Journey", a book by Dahk Dreamwalker.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:00 am 
So -that's- what that smell has been! I always wondered!

Hehe funny story! I love the humor you put into these. Make them so refreshing to read :).

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