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 Post subject: A kiss to remember.
PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:39 pm 
The leaves still clung to the trees defiantly, the slightly chilled breeze rustling them gently, as if trying to coax them down before winter came. The cobblestones scattered in a colourful blanket of crimson, yellow and brown, as the fallen leaves moved around, their dance almost enthralling.

The silence and serenity almost absolute. The streets still in the thrall of early morning, as she walked faster than usual. Her soft slippers barely making a rustle as she hurriedly tried to make her way to the shop. Knowing master Averill would not forgive her for opening late, she cursed herself silently for oversleeping one of the few times he had entrusted her to open. Finally spotting the small shop, she let’s out a relieved sigh, as she sees there is no line, which means she won’t have to face any complaints.

Rushing across the street, her breath nearly stops as she spots him. She stops in her tracks, and seems to hesitate for a long moment, before realizing her standing in the middle of the street, mouth agape, must look slightly idiotic. Taking a moment to compose herself, she curses as she remembers he was due in for a fitting this morning.

Averill had told her to come early, she recalls now. To have the things ready and in place. She recalled it so well now. And began rushing across the street, trying to avoid looking at the man who sat waiting on the small bench that stood slightly to the side of the entrance.

Fumbling slightly as she rummaged through her puch, she finally found the large iron wrough key Averill sometimes entrusted her. Trembling she attempted to push it into the keyhole, only to drop the key to the ground. Losing her eyes in utter disbelief for a moment, she was startled to hear a soft voice near her.

‘Allow me miss’ he simply said and bent down to retrieve the key. Handing it to her in a no-nonsense manner, he waited patiently as she opened the door.

Her hands trembled slightly still, but she took a deep breath and managed to open the door. Letting the door swing open she let him walk in first. Then closing the door after them. Walking through the ill-lit room with a sure step, she found the curtains and pulled them, letting welcome rays of sunlight in.

‘Would you sit a moment while I find my tools Sire’ she asked. Her melodic voice soft and her slight accent apparent as she spoke. Not waiting for a reply, she hustled to the back of the shop, to fetch her sewing kit, making sure to pick up the measurements and notes Averill had made the day before.

Walking back into the room, she could not avoid suppressing a slight gasp, as she watched the morning sunlight shine on his hair, the ebony white shining so brightly and the cobalt blue of the tips, looked so lovely, matching those glowing blue eyes of his. She looked away, hiding a beginning blush.

‘Would you come with me Sire, we will need to have you try it on if I am to hem it properly.’ she asks politely, gesturing him towards a small room a bit further back. Watching him follow she swallows slightly and pushes her thoughts to the back of her mind.

‘Think of work now you silly cow. Don’t look at him like that. Just don’t.’ she kept thinking, but as she followed him, she could not help but inhale deeply as he passed her. She closed her eyes for a second, as the slightly eerie smell overwhelmed her a moment. The smell of steel and dirt and something else, something that scared her.

‘I’ll just go fetch the shirt while you make yourself ready Sire.’ walking to fetch the shirt, the material not silky or frilly, his choice was on a rougher, coarser material, she stroked her hands over it reverently for a moment. The plain brown colour, such a unusual choice for their kin, but somehow she liked it.

Handing him the shirt, she politely turned to give him privacy as he changed, listening to the sounds of him unfastening bits and pieces of armor, she wished she could peek, but knew it would be unseemly, and might loose her a job.

‘I am ready’ he spoke, his cool voice making her almost shiver. Its intonation almost flat and with no emotion to it. She turned around to face him and bit her lip. He looked stunning, the simple cut and colour of the shirt suited him perfectly. And she nodded her approval. ‘Master Averill has made this job easy on me I can tell, these wont be much work left really, but let me double check’ she talked, more to calm herself down than anything.

Leaning close, she begins inspecting the length of the arms, having him stretch his out to see where to hem them for the perfect length. She folds the fabric up to where she wants it, and uses small pins to hold it in place. Her thumb brushing against his wrist as she does. Making her blush once more.

‘Watch out for the pins Sire, they can be quite painful’ she said before silently reprimanding herself. This was not a man concerned with a mere prick of a pin.

Leaning closer she began measuring his collar. Standing on his toes, she had to lean uncomfortably close to him. Her hands working deftly, pinning it with secure motions. Before she paused, just a moment and took a breath.

Feeling his breath on her skin as she works, she decided to get it over with as fast as she can, but can’t resist just one glance. Hesitating a moment more, she finally picks up the courage and looks into his face. Her silvery-green eyes meets his cobalt blue ones, and she forgets.

And she leans in.

Soft lips, tasting of cherry blossoms and hope, meet hard cold ones. Closing her eyes the moment seems to last forever. The taste of him, the intense beating of her heart.


She gasps as her breath is forced out of her body. Feeling herself pinned against the wall, she watches as he glares at her. A disgusted look in his face. She tries to struggle, his hands leaving her no quarter however. One hand around her thin neck, the other pressing roughly against her chest.

‘What do you think you are playing at?’ he asks, even now his voice neutral, but a slight edge of anger in it. Pressing her harder, she panics slightly as she chokes. His eyes narrowing as he spit’s the next few words.

‘If I wanted to kiss someone, I surely would pick someone comelier than you.’

Her heart sank in her chest as he spoke. And she closed her eyes, tears flooding them rapidly. Forgotten was the physical pain of being slammed into the wall. And a small sniffle escaped her. She knew she was ugly, she knew it.

He watched her in silence, as she had her eyes closed. Watched how the sun caught on her hair, making it spin like spun gold. Her soft sun kissed skin, her lovely lips-he shook his head angrily. Her lips was not lovely!

‘the likes of you disgust me, sad girls, with sad foul apperances.’ he said cooly. Invocing more tears from her. The girl was sobbing now, clearly shattered. She opened her eyes, and for a moment he fell silent.

Her silvery-green eyes looked defeated. And he saw something in them dwindle, and for a moment he recognized it, and swallowed. For he had just killed her hope.


If anyone ever wonders why Idaia is such a sad maiden.

Any typos or spelling mistakes I apologize for, english is not my native language, so it's not perfect.

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