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 Post subject: Hail to the Kingslayer!
PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 9:10 pm 
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: This is our final stand. What happens here will echo through the ages. Regardless of outcome, they will know that we fought with honor. That we fought for the freedom and safety of our people.
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: Remember, heroes, fear is your greatest enemy in these befouled halls. Steel your heart and your soul will shine brighter than a thousand suns. The enemy will falter at the sight of you. They will fall as the light of righteousness envelops them!

The eyes of a valiant group of adventurers gleam with feverish determination! Eyes of steel glittering in a thousand suns, as the epic exhortation of Tirion has inspired them. Among them, young Paladin Torianne silently prays to the Light to help her is her finest hour.

A white bearded, old Dwarf steps suddenly to the side of Tirion. Looks around and starts talking in a low but determined voice. All pause to listen to him.

"Wise and brave words you utter, Tirion. Fight courageously, adventurers. Fight but remember why you are here today. You are here to heal the wounds of Azeroth. Do not let you spirits be filled with the anger of retribution. I have seen those eyes before. I have seen that same determination the day when young lad Arthas-the-twice-cursed decided to grab Frostmourne. Do not judge him as the slayer of his own kin, but as a cursed soul. Remember he bears the double weight of the Lich King's Helmet and the evil Frostmourne.

Yes, I was there, a companion to Muradin, when young lad Arthas started to become what he is today.

Do not be too harsh with your judgements, adventurers. Lady Fate was no merciful with Arthas. Pray for that she would never lay such a wicked destiny in your future.

Some say that the thousands of souls that lie within Frostmourne are tormented with excruciating eternal pain, and of all those, King Terena's soul suffers the most. Because there is no greater suffering in the world that seeing your own son turned into a malefic shadow of its own self.

Let us fight to heal, let us fight to undo the wrongs that have been done. Let us heal Azeroth and give peace. The time has come"

The adventurers lead into the Citadel.

Outside, the world falls silent.

Silence just broken by the chilly winds of Northrend

Silence. For what it seems as ages, just silence.

And suddenly from the very top of the Citadel the scream of thousand souls.

Then a change in the air, a subtle change.

A few minutes later, the adventurers leave the Citadel. Shaken, but alive. The time had indeed come.

All Hail to the Kingslayers!

(( Zamarane killed the Lich King last friday !! We have a Kingslayer in the guild ))

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