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Journeyman Scribe
Journeyman Scribe
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 Post subject: NEW VID !!! - Scripting and Scene
PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:09 pm 
Hey Guys

As most of the Horde Charas know im making a Blind Date spoof vid and i was asked to post the script so here it is.

Characters are in character (RP) and there are still a few spots to be filled so if your intrested post benith this script.

intro & theam music


Good Evening and Welcome to Kalimdor Blind Date....

tonight we have 3 fine male specimens for our date (still to be chosen) to select from.

she will ask a series of questions and who ever gives the best answers will win a date with our lovely (still to be chosen).

so (still to be chosen) what is your ideal man ?

(female contestant)

well they have to big, strong and know how to treat a woman. Im looking for that special someone who can sweep me of my feet.

so your looking for security then


Ok then, I think its time to meet our Stprapping men then.
contestant 1 what is your name?

Contestant 1
Hi (hosts name still to be decided) My name is Sykonyx and im quite hairy and always ready to mooove.

ok sounds promising, contestant number 2 who are YOU !

Hi (host name) Im Llenlldorin and hunny if your as good looking as me we are bound to contect

Very Modest, Ok Contestant 3 what is your name ?

Hi Im Gylne i likes a woman who dont mind what i looks like

So We have heard from a 3 men, Now lets start the Questions.

ok when your ready (still to be chosen)

ok this question is for all 3 of you.
If i was captured by the Lich King, How would you Rescue me ?.

Well I would challenge Arthas to a dance off, With you as a prize. i know i would win cos noone can mooove like a tauren.


I wouldn't Try and rescue you, Capture = Death so no point in trying.

very true !

i would bash down the door like a demented ogre rush through all the rooms and kill anything that get in my way, but i would probably get board and go farm some volatile fire.

Ok some weird answers there but lets move onto question 2.

What matirials would you use if you had to make me ?

a stack of dream shard to make my dreams come true, want you to look as good as me!

Couldn't make you cos the subltey of your ingredience are to magical for my brain.

Being a Blacksmith it would have to be metal, with a adamantite carved body and a bucket on a stick for your head

lol i think we are seeing their true colours now (yet to be decided), ok time for your final question. shoot

ok can you give me a household use for a gnome but sitting in the back garden doesnt count

hummm..... As a Door Stop !

does it squeek ?, my wolf needs a new toy !

to wash my chest with... i already have a dwarf for my back, its a little rougher!

ok there you have it ladys a gentle men our 3 questions have been asked. we will find out her selection after this short break.

i will make a little advert ......

Welcome back to Kalimdor Blind Date. befor the break we asked our contestants 3 questions. and during the break (female contestan) has made up her mind on who she would like to date.

so (female contestant) who have you selected ?

Well (host name) it wasnt an easy choice but im going to pick ... pause for a moment

and going to have 3 differnt endings one for each contestant.

Congratulations to (winner) for winning the game where are you going to take lovely (female contestant) for your date?

and depending on who wins will depend on the date

if Syko wins = the elders hut in Elwyne Forest
if Llelldorin wins = Winterspring hot pools "sweety"
if Glyne wins = Negrand, with a pocket watch "alway wanted to know long it would take someone to fall from those floating mountains"

and could do a vid of the date for the end of the show.

so thats it our winner has provailed. please watch us again soon

end sequence and credits

i think this would be awsome and i would be recording this on my cam so can do it in bits at a time so no need to all get together at once .

let me know what you think guys



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 Post subject: Re: NEW VID !!! - Scripting and Scene
PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:56 pm 
Tashna i think this is an awesome idea and will be hilarious!

Btw my answer to where we would go on a date would be a picnic up in the mountains of elwyn forrest (the elders hut)

Eurgh i just stepped in a Gnome... On a Gnome.... No in a Gnome

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 Post subject: Re: NEW VID !!! - Scripting and Scene
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:43 am 
Voiceover sent in for the eligible lady, (even though I hate my voice but one must help out those in need!).

Now the rest of you get crackin', I'm eager to see how this turns out!

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