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Grand Master Scribe
Grand Master Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Need a profile picture?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:16 pm 
Brilliant! Do You use some kind of filter for this? Anyway Id like to have one too if You find some time to spare Brambline

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Expert Scribe
Expert Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Need a profile picture?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 6:50 pm 
Here is my attempt at an avatar for Coaltar...


I am not sure how to set up an animated GIF so here is the original image straight from the screenshot...


The thing about Tauren is that they will never win the Miss Azeroth beauty contest (gender aside of course) but you absolutely never see a Blood Elf looking anything other than perfect! It is so unfair! There are no images in the public domain of a Blood Elf having a "bad eyebrow" day. They wake up in the morning looking gorgeous with straight ears and eyebrows and I even bet perfect makeup! Any Tauren you care to mention just looks like they broke the ice on the barrel of water, fished out the newts, stuck in their their head, shook off the water and yelled "Yaaargh!"


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Journeyman Scribe
Journeyman Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Need a profile picture?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:48 am 
I love those avatars, also Coaltar's one!

However Bramb, could you set up a little guide on how to make them? I've working with photoshop for many years now, but I wouldn't know what effects & filters to use to beautify things like that. And I've been looking for a good guide for that for quite a while now!

please :)

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 Post subject: Re: Need a profile picture?
PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:27 pm 
Thanks everyone for the very flattering comments and praise. But it's really Blizzard's nice artwork we have to thank. Although I do enjoy "Pimping it up" a bit :-).

As for providing these portraits, let me tell you what happened back when I was doing it. Many of the people I made one for drifted away from the guild eventually - some sooner and some later. And although getting a portrait in no way obligates one to stick with us, you can still imagine how disheartening that would be for me since the whole purpose started from getting our profile pictures looking nice here in our forums. So yeah, I lost inspiration to make them really.

What I -can- and will do glady, is create a profile picture where I slap together a screenshot and the silver frame, upload it to my server from which you can add it to your profile. That only takes me 5 minutes to do. However "Pimping one up" takes hours and hours. Some even took a couple of days like Pancras picture which was really transformed a lot. That's what I currently don't have time nor heart to do I'm afraid.

However I am very happy to help you folks make them in any way that I can.

a) If you don't know how to draw or use photoshop, take a screenshot of your character and post it here. I'll put it in the frames and provide it online for you.

b) If you know how to use Photoshop, download the PSD of the frames and put it together like some already have in this thread.

c) If you want to get the same paint effect, this is basically what I do to a painting:

- I use the paintbrush tool to "go over" all the jagged polygon edges and smooth them out
- I paint away any optimization "mush"
- I add highlights to the left and right sides of the character to give depth
- I adjust levels and possibly color balance

But the majority of the work is going over it meticulously with the paint brish. There isn't any filter or mechanic that can do that for you I've afraid. It's all handwork.

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