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Author:  Eoin [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Eoin's random art bin

I know this is really for WoW stuff, but I FLY RECKLESSLY IN THE FACE OF THAT!

*flies recklessly in the face of that*

And here's some stuff I did for my D&D group - we decided sci-fi was more our thing:


From left to right: Callie - halfling warlord and our leader, by virtue of the fact that the rest of us are pretty unmotivated.
Xibhanae - eldarin warlock and private detective. She is fascinated by many things (including the barman).
Clio - human mage and hacker. She loves the INFORMATION!
Rashish - dragonborn avenger and bartender. He is from several centuries in the past and is still adapting to modern life (played by yours truly)
and lastly Kouri - goliath monk and mechanic. She's still new to the group so not much is known yet.


And this is Olish, from a story I'm writing. I was having a "gratituitous shirtless" moment. my friend Hope coloured it, but I forget where I left it.

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