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 Post subject: 2009 - Feb 2nd - Under the City
PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 11:43 pm 
Date: 2 February 2009
Event: Under The City
Location: Ragefire Chasm
Members involved: Fostern Ushura Zamarane

There had been rumours of course,there always had been since the foundations of Orgrimmar were built over the vast caverns.

Rumours of strange creatures that burrowed and faught their own private wars under the earth.Tales of stranges dissapearances and talk of strange illegal cults that used the Chasm for its own bloody and arcane rituals.

The three adventurers had entered the caverns in good spirits,they were well prepared and knowledgable in their own skills and talents.

The grim figure of Fostern strode ahead of the group,clad in rusting and mismatched armour he carried a small octoganal shield and a vicious looking mace.

Behind followed the sorceress Ushura clad in robes the colour of fresh blood.She strode seemily without care and a faint nimbus of unknown power surrounded her.

At her side was the Troll named Zamarane,the only one of this strange group to feel the heat and oppresive atmosphere of this cursed locale.His gaze seldom left the warrior ten yards ahead and he prepared his prayers of healing for when the time came that they would be needed.

And how quickly that time came!
The party was ambushed early by oversized creatures of darkness and flame and faught their way through packs of demented creatures that seemed to be more teeth and claw than flesh itself.
After a long bloody trek they encounted their first intelligent opposition,small parties of Orc cultists who blocked the paths over intense lava pits.These proved worthy opponents but were soon slain.

At the darkest recess of the cavern the brave adventurers met their greatest foe to date.A lithe otherwordly Demon who the Troll recognised as a Satyr.

Adjusting their armour and with whispers of prayer the three charged into combat


After a short fight with limited injuries to the trio the Demon fell to the ground its evil life force extinguished


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:00 pm 
Thanks for the story! So nice to be able to read and see about your adventure together. I'm sure your three skills complimented each other perfectly.

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