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 Post subject: 2009 - Jan 7th - Durango becomes an Elder [PICS]
PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:42 am 
Date: Jan 17th, 2009
Event: Durango becomes an Elder
Location: The Barrens
Members involved: Brambline, Durango

Brambline had been fishing right outside of the Wailing Caverns when she noticed an elderly tauren trotting through the foliage with his pet. Brambline having her lion Astaldo with her as well - made them both realize their mutual interest in animals, so they greeted each other and began discussing their pets.

He soon introduced himself as Durango as he joined her for some late night fishing.

The skills of hunting were new to the former warrior, so Brambline offered to reveal a few secrets of the trade, taking him to see where the famous black lion Humar comes to rest sometimes.


"Wait for him up here in this tree where you will stay safe from the other predators", Brambline advised.

They watched the darkness for a while but Humar was nowhere to be seen, so they ventured down into Ratchet for a visit to the stables, each introducing their other pets. Brambline had just tamed a queen moth the night before and was especially proud of her newest addition.


The two hit it off well, so Brambline invited Durango to become a part of the guild. He glady agreed, and it was on this evening that Durango became an Elder.


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