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 Post subject: 2011 - July 17th - Hunt for the Whale Shark [PICS]
PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:31 am 
Date: July 17th , 2011
Event: The Horde Elders decide that the elusive Whale Shark will terrorize no more! (and grab the "From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee" achievement while they're at it!)
Location: Murky depths of Vashj'ir
Members involved: Alantras, Angelique, Brambline, Dezba, Eltromn, Jhistal, Kiithia, Lorael, Ryldor, Tobin, Zwee

"Whale Shark is the devourer of the slow moving and inattentive. This includes plankton, whales, and AFK players. Whale Shark swims where and how it pleases. Whale Shark /spits on your science."

"Whale Sharks are horrific leviathans that typically patrol large bodies of water, such as those of Vashj'ir. They are wholly malicious entities whose sole purpose is the devouring of inattentive or overzealous adventurers. Few have encountered these legendary monstrosities and lived to tell the tale."

- Text borrowed from WoWpedia

After some searching, the Elders finally found the elusive Whale Shark, gliding calmly and silently through the waters. It's size was enormous! Large enough to engulf a whole city if it wanted to. And believe me, it wanted to!

The Elders started shooting from a distance, but the shark paid no heed.

Attacks at the tail end were not much use either, it's as if the shark was shaking us off like a bad case of fleas.

We got a little closer and a little more daring...

And kicked it's fishy butt!

Some of us aimed for it's belly, which was bloated with all the adventurers it had eaten.

At last it flopped belly up, dead as a doornail. Unfortunately we had a couple of causalities as well...


Look at the size of those teeth!

We all gather in front of our trophy fishy!

Never again would we fear swimming in the seas of Vashj'ir!

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