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FYI: I'll be helping out with the GW2 guild
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Author:  Brambline [ Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  FYI: I'll be helping out with the GW2 guild

Hey folks,

Since Tina is having some issues in her life right now which give her very little time or resources to manage guild things, we've agreed that it'd be a good idea for me to join the GW2 side of the Elders as a "protector" to assist her and the others with guild chores. I play nearly every day anyhow so I am happy to help out. This will ensure that the guild can continue like normal and most importantly it will help alleviate Tina's situation, thus taking some of the load off her shoulders.

Tina has been a wonderful, empathetic and wise GM from what I've heard and seen in our counsel conversations, so I'm dearly hoping she will feel comfortable continuing on as GM even if she can't currently be around as much. I am joining as a "normal" member and will merely be helping out with processing applications and other tasks alongside our other trusty GMs and officers, so I ask that you also think of me and treat me as a normal member instead of "the boss" that I used to be, as some of you used to call me affectionately. :-)

The Elders counsel has put a lot of thought and work into fine tuning the guild rules and I think they've done a really amazing job in finding the perfect balance in how to run things. When I was GM, my rules were a bit sloppy and inconsistent as I was trying to handle everything alone for all of our guilds put together for so many years, so that meant I had to make compromises to keep my sanity. So please know that just because I'm joining, does not mean that I will be dealing with things like I used to. Instead I will be fully supporting the wise and sensible decisions our counsel has made.

To our old Elders who know me, it will be nice to get to talk to you again, and to the new members who have joined over the past few months, a hearty hello!

And hey, the guild just turned 4 a few weeks ago, woohoo!

I'm happy to discuss this more if anyone has any questions or concerns.

Author:  Lyrael [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FYI: I'll be helping out with the GW2 guild

We already talked in-game, but I really wanted to leave a line here as well.

I am so overjoyed you are back in a way which feels fine for you. This guild has always been about playing without it becoming a burden. It should stay that way first and foremost for those who manage it!

Despite my lack of time lately, I am still enjoying Guild Wars 2 immensely: I mean, new high quality content coming out every single month, and no subscription fee required. It's just too amazing, really.. And it's great to be in it with you ALL again. :)

Author:  Brambline [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 8:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FYI: I'll be helping out with the GW2 guild

Aww thanks Lyr. I have to admit it's felt very good.

And the same here! The honeymoon is still ongoing for me in this game. So for those of you who are still in WoW or SWTOR and haven't been too enthusiastic about taking a risk with GW2 fearing that it would be another SWTOR or TSW experience, fear not. This game really is a keeper!

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