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 Post subject: Pet Battles Round 1 - Petite Cup
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:22 am 
So as you know, Pet Taming and Pet Battles launched with Mists of Pandaria. However, you don't need the expansion to play. Any account, even a Vanilla one, can enjoy this aspect of the game.

Soon, though I don't know when, I will be hosting the first Elders Pet Battle cup. With that in mind, I wanted to post some rules, how it will work, some thoughts I have etc. Should give people time to prepare.

By now, most people have at least given it a try. I know our guild has some hardcore battlers, but this cup won't actually give them an advantage. This is the...


So the idea is thus. Soon we will battle. Anyone that wants to take part in the Petite Cup can sign up, but I will require sign up first. Get in touch with me either here, on Facebook (Robin Fensom) or ingame (Ryldor, Horde side).

So the rules?

You will be required to make a team consisting of level 5 pets. This is the core concept of the Petite Cup. It's a small enough level that you can get any pet there very easily, but high enough that your pet will have unlocked their first three abilities. With this in mind, you should be able to plan quite effectively your team, knowing you won't get their second set of abilities for these battles.

Battles will take place on Horde side as that's where most players are. Do not fear, Alliance members, you can join in too. Pets are fully account wide, so all you need to do it create a level 1 character if you don't have one. Battles will likely take place in a location easy to get to for those guys. Or I'll come and give lifts on my two-seater rocket!

Because battles are phased, I will require people to /whisper me whenever a pet is knocked out. At least then I can keep some sort of little log for the writeup afterwards.

I am undecided on a few things, though. Because this is obviously based on Pokémon, I've been stealing rules from the tournaments they hold. One of the rules is that players create a team of 6, which are then publically shown. When it comes to the battle, you pick 3 to fight. This would work especially well for WoW, where people can just check someone's Armory if I stuck to just 3 pets. But I am not sure yet if I want 3 or 6, or if I want the team public or just known to me. Will have to ponder more...

Post thoughts and suggestions please.

Now going by the name Ryldor.

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