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Siege of Tranquilien Recruitment Nights On Fri & Sat
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Author:  Kelu [ Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Siege of Tranquilien Recruitment Nights On Fri & Sat

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*In the front sleeve of the Siege of Tranquilien recruitment papers you find a preface by Desmond Hodges, self-titled chief scribe of Dagger and Totem*


This collection of documents, compiled by myself with the aid of several Farstriders, will highlight the enormity of the task in front of us. Consider the folder you are holding to be your guide to the conflict ahead - the maps, bestiaries and profiles of our foes will be an essential companion on your journey into battle. Read through every page with an obsessive's eye. Knowledge is a tool that needs to be sharpened, just as you'd take a stone to a sword.

They are those who question why we take the Amani threat so seriously. There are sceptics to every war, but when considering the dual-defence of the Ghostlands and Stranglethorn, these clods really excel themselves. They suggest that the Amani are at best a minor threat, and at worst a distraction from the Twilights. For a precedent to this point of view, see the Thunder Axe War. We all know how important that turned out to be.

No, the Amani must be stopped in their rampaging tracks. If they become entrenched in greater Quel'Thalas, then the Horde will have been caught napping when a foe backed up by a morally bankrupt, usually war-shy regime - yes, the Zandali - continuously took land, willy-nilly. This happened in Uldum, and the cost of that war is without measurement (incidentally, if anyone is willing, after this conflict, to lend a hand in Uldum, see me. You will be paid a modest weekly wage for the trouble). We cannot afford to let it happen on the outskirts of Silvermoon City.

Tranquilien has been a bastion of Sin'dorei-Forsaken relations for almost five years now. It is, as far as our leaders are concerned, a critically important settlement. It once served as the base of operations for a strike against the Scourge infesting the Ghostlands, and now it is the number one target for the Amani marauders. It is too precious a town to relinquish, especially to those barely civilised animals.

The wider picture, of course, is that the Zandali are after power. They would dearly like to be a formidable presence in the world, and by uniting the disparate tribes they seek to assert themselves. Ironic then, that by far the most prosperous tribe - the people who have consistently proved themselves to be able to take control of their own potential - is the Darkspear. And wise Vol'jin wants nothing to do with this ludicrous exercise in reuninification. It is flawed, it is immoral, and it directly opposes everything the Horde stands for. This Zandali incursion will break our backs if we let it come to fruition.

And if it does, we'll have an enemy that rivals the Alliance in terms of numbers, pomp, and hypocricy. No thank you.


((Hello everyone! The lead-up to Siege of Tranquilien is... go! These recruitment nights add a bit of pre-event flavour to the war effort, and give your character the chance to sign up, declare their interest, and prepare themselves for the battles ahead.

These are, as ever, non-compulsary, and are here to add some spice. They are staffed by members of Dagger and Totem, and can also be used to ask questions about the event.

Dates, times and locations, then!

Friday, from 20:30 - Orgrimmar, Valley of Honour, empty gun shop
Saturday, from 20:30 - Eversong Woods, Fairbreeze Village.

Hope to see a lot of you there!))

I'm going to try and attend these, or at least try to show my face a little for some RP. Anyone else fancy joining me?


Author:  Kelu [ Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Siege of Tranquilien Recruitment Nights On Fri & Sat

This was so much fun tonight! We got attacked by corpse trolls and dire trolls and snipers attacked us! We raced in to the Plaguelands to smite them all down but got bombarded by a rain of magiks and arrows that overwhelmed us.

The defensive had to retreat and regroup. Tomorrow we go back and bomb them!!!

Epicness RP. Not too late to join in if you want to! :D Sori is just a random frontline soldier, keeps her free in case I have to go offline. Still, it's sooo much fun! And it was lovely to RP again. :)

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