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In case you were wondering...
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Author:  Brambline [ Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:37 am ]
Post subject:  In case you were wondering...

I've reorganized the forums to be more logical and usable, changed the names of some forum categories, added some, moved some, deleted some, merged some - and in the process moved a whole lot of your posts around so they are where they should be.

The biggest change came to all of the posts which were very general topics but were being posted under "Members only" for some reason even though there was nothing secretive or "delicate" about them. My guess is that the forum categories have just been so vague that folks felt it was safest to post under members, since you can't really go wrong can you. :-)

All general chit chat topics that are perfectly acceptable public viewing have been moved here under "General Chat".

All the dungeon and raid topics have been moved to:
Dungeon Runs & Raids

All stories, back stories etc have been moved to:
Stories and Poems

All questions pertaining to how the guild is run have been moved to:
The Guild

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