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Grand Master Scribe
Grand Master Scribe
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 Post subject: The Adventures of TEES
PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:49 am 
Part one...Caledon forest.

(feel free to write up any IC reports you have from this event!)

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Expert Scribe
Expert Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: The Adventures of TEES
PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:57 pm 
Razoe Bloodfang's observations

I must admit that I had my doubts about joining Dr Livingstone's expedition. He is an Asura after all and from my knowledge, you can never be certain about an Asura's intentions. My membership of the Elders had been past on to me by my parents. And I had yet to meet the majority of this group. But when I found out about their participation in this expedition, I saw it as a great opportunity to see what my parents treasured so highly. Were they worthy of my membership? Of my abilities and strength?

After having traveled to Caledon forest, I made rest in front of the entrance to the Grove. I started thinking about my doubts. But I am Charr! No matter which dangers such a project could bring with it, I was sure to overcome them!
During my rest I was joined by another Charr and an Asura. We had quite some conversations. These started thoughts in my head. Maybe there was more than meets the eye to these Asura. Though I am not glad to admit so. I would never allow myself to let my defenses down and then end up being back-stabbed.

When the rest of the team arrived, we started making our way into Caledon forest. We had Norn, Humans, Asura, Sylvari and Charr among us. I was curious to see how our cooperation would be like, with such differences. Which I was soon to find out.
It did not take long before we were facing the wild life of Caledon forest, in battle. Glorious! Despite the first battles being against mere bugs, it still gave me a chance to see how well the different races cooperated. Shoulder against shoulder, back against back, we faced dangers and defeated them. I saw great courage in the eyes of these Elders. Courage I had only seen within the Charr. I had often found myself being prejudice against these races. Had I been wrong all this time?

We took our time to rest, between battles and exploration. Dr Livingstone led us to many hidden places in Caledon forest. I must admit that even I enjoyed these explorations, despite some lack of fighting. But sometimes, even a Charr must admit that there can be more to life than battle. At least I dare do so.
Among other things, these breaks seemed to bring us all closer. We had interesting conversations, some offered food for the hungry, others told tales. We started to bond and no one really seemed suspicious about one another. It was the first time that I myself, had experienced such companionship among the different races.

This expedition taught me many things. There are more to things than meets the eye. In nature and in people. It taught me the reasons behind my parent's choice of companionship. Why these Elders meant so much to them. I learned that not all Asura means bad news, that even Humans can protect a Charr's back. The Sylvari are not as fragile as they appear and the Norn truly live up to their reputation of strength and fighting spirit.
I have no regrets about joining this expedition. And when it continues, you can be sure that I will participate. Not only to help the research but also to make sure that my fellow Elders come out of there alive. These people have gained my respect and membership. And I will not let them down. Together, we will show the world how we can all work together. And through this, save Tyria.

This is my destiny. This is what my parent's wanted me to do. This is just the beginning!

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Journeyman Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: The Adventures of TEES
PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:53 pm 
Journal Of Qweeg - An Asuran Genius

Day 254 Season of the Scion 1325 AE

Despite my best efforts those fools in the College of Synergetics have refused to assign me a new krewe to continue my research into the comparative history of Tyria. So what if half of my last krewe were eaten by raptors? Confusing the raptor eggs with Inquest spyballs was an easy mistake to make. I wouldn’t have given the command to smash them up if I’d realised. At the very least they could have assigned a couple of peacekeepers to offer me protection. But no, it seems I will have to go it alone, which is problematic as many of the areas I wish to visit are exceedingly dangerous. Rather than view this as a setback I will view it as a challenge and apply my considerable intellect to overcoming it.

Day 266 Season of the Scion 1325 AE

What fortune. The renowned Dr Livingstone is organising an expedition to various parts of Tyria and, if the rumours are true, has managed to hoodwink some guild into accompanying him. The first excursion is planned soon to Caledon Forest, land of the mysterious sylvari. This provides an excellent opportunity for me to continue my research whilst benefiting from the protection of unwitting and expendable dimwits. What’s more, if any of this guild do happen to perish during the expedition, the responsibility will surely lie with Dr Livingstone and not myself. Genius!

Day 278 Season of the Colossus 1325 AE

Caledon Forest Expedition

Whilst waiting for Dr Livingstone to arrive I had the dubious pleasure of meeting a couple of charr. They appeared to be affiliated with the guild Dr Livingstone had hired and I can only presume they had been told to wait away from the others due to their rather pungent smell. A conversation ensued which only confirmed that they were the bloodthirsty animals I have always thought them to be. They seemed to have little understanding of the intellectual superiority of the asuran race and kept describing me as small. Worst of all they threatened to toss me at our enemies. Perhaps the comment that they would make useful meat-shields was a bit ill-judged but then they did keep going on about the glory of battle and so I thought they would rather enjoy this suggestion.

Fortunately it was not long before the Doctor and the rest this guild arrived. I must say they were a varied bunch of misfits comprising the aforementioned charr as well as norn, humans, some more charr and even a fellow asura (though he claimed to be a very small norn – I have yet to determine if this is true or whether some experimental accident has addled his brains). There were no sylvari initially but some of that odd race did join the expedition later. The guild call themselves The Elders, though why this is I am unsure as some of them looked suspiciously young. There appeared to be no particular qualifications needed to join them and they seemed to accept all races. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they had some skritt hidden away amongst their ranks. Nevertheless I was sure they would fulfil the function I required of them, namely to stand between me and any dangerous creatures, even if they weren’t aware they were doing it.

Dr Livingstone tried his best to organise the rabble and split us into three groups to aid communication. An excellent idea except for the fact that, to my horror, I was allocated to a group including the two charr I had met earlier. I could only hope that Razoe Bloodfang and Spurius Ashstab, for those were their names, had forgotten about tossing me into the battle. I decided to keep them in front of me at all times.

It was not long before we encountered our first challenge. It seems the sylvari light their lamps with a bioluminescent extract from the fireflies of the area and we were asked to assist in gathering this. A primitive but interesting solution it unfortunately had the effect of attracting a horde of mosquitoes. Needless to say we eventually defeated them though I did suffer several bites and would recommend that anyone travelling to Caledon Forest bring some form of bug repellent as the blighters seem everywhere. I’m sure some form of energised lighting with the ability to zap any approaching bugs would be much more efficient and when I have the time I will create a prototype and present it to the sylvari who will no doubt shower me with praise.

Our group seemed to function well during this initial skirmish and as we progressed we encountered many more creatures that appeared determined to kill us. There were undead risen with grasping hands and hideous abominations. Spiders that had captured sylvari and cocooned them within their cave. Sylvari and hounds of the Nightmare Court who seem to delight in torturing others. Krait who’d made their homes within the wrecks of old ships. And finally hylek who seemed to have a serious issue with lines we weren’t meant to cross but which we couldn’t see. As if this were not bad enough I also found myself transformed more times in one day than the time when, as a progeny, I accidentally applied the randomisation output to the stabilisation manifold during one of Professor Brumm’s lectures on transfiguration. I found myself larger and smaller, turned into a hound, a sylvari, a crab and a moa. Despite these setbacks and challenges we always seemed to emerge victorious. I must admit that for all their intellectual faults the charr are excellent warriors and Razoe and Spurius, as well as all the others, proved themselves time and again. Of course their technique, along with that of the norn, is rather crude and can be best described as “run at it and hit it hard” but it does seem rather effective.

In fact the only serious injury I suffered was not as a consequence of battle itself but due to something else entirely. It seems that Caledon Forest has its hidden places. Places that can only be reached with great skill by jumping from one precarious rock, tree branch, or indeed mushroom, to another. I now question why, in the middle of a cavern inhabited by the most inhospitable Nightmare Court sylvari, I decided to follow the others in climbing a series of giant mushrooms. After all my mother once asked me if I’d stick my fingers into an ethereal energy output just because my friends had done it. The answer, of course, is yes. After all where would we be as a race if we didn’t risk the occasional electrocution, conflagration, or total body disintegration in the pursuit of science? As a result I found myself falling from quite a height, though I suspect I was pushed, to land close to a very angry looking sylvari. Dazed and broken there was little I could do but wave my hand around aimlessly in an attempt to attract attention. Suddenly out of nowhere members of our intrepid band appeared, along with some strangers who just happened to be wandering through the cave. Whilst some fought off the sylvari others set about tending to my wounds. Before long I was back on my feet, slightly concussed, but otherwise none the worse for wear.

It is this willingness to help those around them that has made me reconsider this guild who call themselves The Elders. Misfits they may be but they are misfits who fight for each other and seem to have no obvious desire to backstab or trample each other into the ground in order to get ahead. Whilst this may seem an odd concept to an asura it may have some merit and I intend to tag along with them for now whilst I explore it further. It will also give me a chance to get to know them and their cultures better. After all even the smell of charr seems to become more tolerable with time.

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