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Dungeon night in GW2
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Author:  Brambline [ Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Dungeon night in GW2

Please note that if you already voted in Facebook, please don't vote a second time here. Thanks!

I'm reposting this from the Elders FB group:

Sven and I had a brainstorming session last night about guild dungeon runs as we've noticed that there are many of you who would love to take part in one but never find anyone to go with / or log on just as another group has already gone.

So we're setting up an unofficial weekly guild dungeon night with a novel concept: Instead of deciding together on a weekday and clock time, we'll only be voting on which day of the week would be the best for most people. So how can dungeon runs happen without a clock time? Well the idea is that throughout the chosen evening, runs will be going on all night long during peak hours, "on the hour". All you have to do is show up and let people know you're reserving your spot for the next one. So for instance, if you logged on at 19:45 you could join the group leaving at 20:00. Or if you logged on at 22:20 and just missed the previous one, you could do your solo things and wait for the one leaving at 23:00. Will this concept work? We can't know until we try!

So what happens if a group fills up before it's the full hour? By all means feel free to begin your adventure! There might be new people logging on anyhow who will be able to create a second group.

And what to do if the full hour has come but you're still missing people? Just grab the next person who comes along, since everyone knows it will be dungeon night it's more than likely that more dungeoneers are on their way.

The beauty in this sort of system is that where before you had to:
a) figure out time zone differences to understand what time something was
b) had to make sure to remember to make it on time if you "signed up"
c) had to make sure you're not late
d) felt bad cancelling
e) there usually had to be someone actually organizing and leading it

In this system there is none of that. No signing up other than letting people know you're up for the next one once you log on or whenever you feel like it and due to the fact that in GW2 class roles are not strict and set like in WoW, it's usually enough to have a jumble of 5 people of any class. Also no more stress about making it on time or forgetting. And since GW2 supports self formulated groups really well, it can work with people just pooling together without any particular leader or role.

Before posting this, I did do a search for this sort of topic in FB and found a conversation where Sam tried to suggest something similar, but there was concern about people feeling left out if the chosen night happened to be when they are not available. So I opened discussion about this in the Elders counsel group and after some pondering, we agreed that maybe it's ok to have these sorts of things after all. The main thing to understand is that once we agree upon a night, it will inevitably exclude a few people who simply cannot make it on the chosen day, but this cannot be helped and it's better to have an event for the "greater good" than to not have anything at all in fear of a few being excluded. What's more important is to understand that this sort of night is not meant to replace in any form the dungeoning you guys have already been doing, this is merely an additional tool for those who can't seem to find folks to group with. Remember that anyone can set up events and dungeon runs at any time. :-)

Here is a post that Rik made to explain further:

"Attention All Elders! There have been discussions among members and admins about action nights and guild events within games. This is a good idea, but keep in mind that members may have to cancel or postpone due to jobs, family, etc and of course these events are not mandatory, only join if you think it sounds like fun. Obviously we want to keep things relaxed within the guild but would also like to point out you do NOT need to ask permission to set up an event. Whether it's dungeons, raids, RP events, etc, feel free to post and invite-It is after all what a guild is for! We realise that some people may find it difficult to be available on a certain night each week, so if you finish work at 11pm and want to do a dungeon run why not post an invite-You may be surprised by who shows up. So don't be shy people-Remember, keep it relaxed, but most of all keep it fun. Some members (myself included) have expressed concerns about these "set nights" excluding a certain group of people who may have a regular event on the night chosen, or work, family time etc (for example I work as a restaurant manager therefore my weekend playtime is limited). I just want to stress that even though we may set up these semi-official group action nights, this does not mean this is the only night events can happen :) you can arrange another night that is suitable to you and may find a few other people are in the same boat. If anyone has any questions and/or concerns feel free to respond to this thread or message me personally if you like :) I will do my best to alleviate any worries or issues and answer any questions."

Author:  Lyrael [ Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dungeon night in GW2

Sounds like a great idea. Particularly the concept of variable starting times, since I generally log in quite late and cannot make it by the hour that most of this happenings tend to have (at 20:00, in general).
Also, since during these last few days I easily joined two different dungeon groups on different days, I guess it won't be a problem to still have casual runs as well.
Now, I have a pretty variable schedule, and this means that it's not easy for me to pick a specific day as optimal. I vote Saturday since, funnily enough, despite the Saturday Night Fever imaginary, it's the night of the week I tend not to spend out. :) Other choices will be fine, anyway...

Author:  Brambline [ Fri Feb 22, 2013 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dungeon night in GW2

Alrighty, here are the results of the poll on Facebook. So as you can see Saturday won, hands down :-).


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