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"Mmmrrrlllggg Pollgglrghllglly" -competition
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Author:  Moundoum [ Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  "Mmmrrrlllggg Pollgglrghllglly" -competition

There's now been three nights of hyper-exciting "Mmmrrrlllggg Pollgglrghllglly"-competition, which was formerly known as "What's the next achievement of Omahame" competition. The name was changed due to a very nasty incident in which Omahame accidentally sliced the noble murloc chieftain into three or seven pieces when doing competition achievement.

The winners so far have been

Nyara getting the exactly right answer by answering "Explore the Bloodmyst Isle" and Kii getting close enough of "The Fishing Diplomat" by answering "The Scavenger" which requires fishing in junk nodes and according to Omahame she was actually fishing at Stormwind which she consideres to be "just a big piece of all too fancy junk". Nariath made a strategic guess of "Explore the Eversong Woods" and won, even though the correct answer was "Explore the Ghostlands". Atataka guessed Dalaran reading -achievement, but it was Woolly Mammoth. That qualified being linked through Dalaran.

All winners have been sent modest prizes. If you will get your second win on competition, your prizes will be somewhat poshier. Stay forsakenly tuned for guessing the next epic achievement of our pig-tailed working class rogue. Competition time every now and then and announced on guild-chat on about ten minutes notice :D

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