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The Elders New Years Bash 2011
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Author:  Brambline [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  The Elders New Years Bash 2011


We will be holding our annual New Years Bash in the colourful caverns of Un'goro Crater yet again this year. So if you don't have anything better to do new years eve, sign up on the wow calendar and come on over and join the fun!

Starting: 31st of December, starting 21:00 (game time)
Ending: 1st of January for as long as needed and feels fun
Where: The caverns of Un'coro crater (where Marshal's Refuge used to be)
How: If your character is low level (under 40) we will have warlocks around who can summon you, or alternatively, you can always challenge yourself to get there solo.

Here is an outdated map of Un'goro, but the location of the caverns is still the same, up in the very top center area of the map:

Here is how you can get there solo with a low level character:

At last year's party...

...we didn't organize anything other than being there, linking to a streaming trance music radio station and lots of folks helped with summoning people in. At peak times, we had around 50 people at the same time and it was an awesome night, however the party had some hiccups which might be nice to remedy this year. a) there were no events on site b) there was no-one advertising in the major cities or on general/trade chat, c) there were no waiters or waitresses d) there was not a doorman. I had never organized a public event in WoW before (although I did it a lot in Ultima Online) so I didn't really know what to expect. It was very much a last minute idea to even have the whole party and so it was quite experimental.

This year however it would be nice to actually do something special. The first things that come to mind are:

1) A competition for who has the most awesome outfit (one for ally one for horde)
2) A bachelor and bachelorette auction (I organized these in Ultima Online, screenshots here)
3) A Beer Brawl in which people fight each other with only a beer mug equipped. (here are some to name a few)

Things people could do:
- be a waiter or waitress
- have a couple of doormen "letting people in", "frisking" "guiding" - who knows, people might even form a line outside like they did in Ultima online :)
- warlocks from both factions could summon people in
- a mage could zap between the 3 major cities (1 per faction) doing a /yell to advertise "New years party taking place now the norhern caverns of Un'goro crater!" and send messages to the General/Trade chats once in a while (every 30 minutes or so) (perhaps mages could have shifts so that everyone gets a chance to have fun at the party too)
- Be a judge or auctioneer
- Capture on video the evenings events and make a cool video for us to remember forever an' ever. (this is what I would ultimately like to focus on) (see my other wow videos here)

And I'm sure y'all could think up a million other fun ideas for what we could organize.


As usual, the last thing I want is to stress anyone out or make this seem like work. Nor do I want a single one of you to offer help out of feeling obligated to. I mean it. Only offer your help if you are thinking "Hey that would be fun!". 'Kay? And you know what actually helps the most of all? Simply being there to make the place feel like it's rockin' and crowded. Be it for 5 minutes of 5 hours. :)

See the thing is that last year the party was awesome on very simple and disorganized terms. And even we don't do anything at all, it shall be this year as well. So the party will go on in any case. It's up to us how much we want to add on to that.

Even if you're not coming to the party, even if you don't have any interest in helping, any thoughts are welcome.

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