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 Post subject: Testimonials
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:28 am 
New people looking to join us tend to read through our forums quite a bit as they evaluate whether or not they want to join. So I was thinking what better way to give them a realistic impression, than have a page devoted to testimonials from our members. If you feel like you'd like to say a word or two about how you feel about the guild, what your experiences have been, whether the guild has met your needs etc, please respond to this thread with your honest opinion.

Please note that if there are some negatives, it's worth mentioning those as well (for instance that we are quiet on the raiding front or that we rarely meet up) because what we want is for people to join us with realistic expectations instead of joining and then being disappointed and thinking "This is not what I signed up for". Especially considering that a lot of folks have actually transferred over from other servers to be with us, so it'd be good for them to know what they're getting into before making the sacrifice. Better for us as well so we don't get a member pressuring us to go into a direction we are not wanting to.

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Grand Master Scribe
Grand Master Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Testimonials
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:31 pm 
Hi, my name is Zamarane and I'm an MMO addict. *grins* I had applied the guild in January 2009 and I was a member until November 2010 when I stopped to play the game. I'm level 44 in real life. I had several toons in guilds The Elders and Elders on both factions.

I was drawn towards The Elders because of mature atmosphere and relaxed environment the guild provided. I also liked the way the guild was organised: no pressure to contribute to events, to be hyperactive in guildchat or to log in once every two weeks or be kicked. You came and went as you pleased. I also never encountered any excessive txt spk which I dislike, nor gearscore freaks, lootmonkeys or other abnormalities. Members respected each other not because of their epixx or leet skills, but because of ther personalities and traits. All people were also very pleasant to play alongside. Well, maybe too pleasant. (evil grin) My overall experience with the guild was very good and I really enjoyed my time here.

My main character with whom I raided was in other guilds, most notably Swamprat Mercenaries on Horde and Society on Alliance, so I got plenty of opportunity to experience the PvE endgame. But The Elders/Elders were guilds where I had all my alts (sans my banking ones) and the place where I could always go back and chill out, away from the second job raiding usually was.

I read the guild has already branched out to LotRO. I hope to see some sort of incarnation of The Elders in other MMOs like RIFT or SW:tOR and if they do, I'm looking forward to play alongside you again.

I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability. (Oscar Wilde)

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Grand Master Scribe
Grand Master Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Testimonials
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:06 pm 
Boo I wanted to be the first to comment, ah well. Zamarane has coined what The/Elders are perfectly. I have played WoW from the beginning have been in PVP, PVE, Hardcore RP and light RP guilds at one point I was even GM of my own RP guild on another Realm but I have to say The Elders/Elders is "the" best guild I have ever had the privilage to be a member of.
I will ask, how often have you seen a group of horde players clear an area of mobs so that an alliance player can finish a quest? Or how often have you seen an alliance player summon a quest beast just so that a horde hunter can tame it? I have seen it here.
Yeah as Brambline said we are not raid focused, there arent events or meetings every week/fortnight and no we dont meet up regular for the hell of it but thats only because no one has asked or organised it, me included.

Like Zamarane said we dont care that you are a level 5 or even if you are covered in leet gear your an Elder and thats all that matters, if you dont want to chat in guild chat, dont, if your a total chatter box fine. Or even if you only get to play once a month for 20 minutes because you have children or a job with bad hours, its ok, you dont want to raid or you cant help another guildy out on a quest, no worries you wont be looked on any different. As an example, we have a member who is trying to get to level 60 without getting killed once, his toon has been deleted and rejoined the Elders god knows how many times.

I have been an Elder for around three weeks (at the time of writting this) have three characters both Horde and Alliance side. I have never seen any quarrels or arguments on either side, probably because of the respect that we have for each other as the person sat behind the character.

Friendly, helpful, mature, respectful, fun etc etc etc..

Oh yeah, I first to say, I'm level 44 irl as well

Home Location: Azeroth: Sha`Tar EU
Horde: Sull, Fadeal, Noscere, Crowmane.
Mike (Not an Elder)

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Grand Master Scribe
Grand Master Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Testimonials
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:11 pm 
Hello there. I'm Damkina or Mardoll whichever faction you look at. And I can also be found on several alts on both sides as well.

I first rolled on The Sha'tar when the server was quite new. I made a little Night Elf Druid called Oakenwing. Trough that character I learned that rp servers were quite nice and friendly so I decided to transfer Damkina over from a normal server and enjoyed unguilded time before lfd tool where I did alot of random realm pugs which made me happy I'd made the move.

I first heard of The Elders on the official wow forums and decided to check them out when they held their 2009 New Years party to see if I'd dare apply to join. I had a good time and I did apply and have no regrets about joining. What drew me to the guild was the "no strings attached" part. I've done my bit of organising events for others in the game and it was time to not have a second job to come home to. Don't get me wrong I like arranging the odd instance etc still, but I felt the pressure of people expecting me to create fun for them and it took the fun out of the game for me.

Elders on both sides is very welcoming and Brambline has kept her promises of not expecting us to log on or participate in anything we don't feel like doing. And I have to say, members should keep in mind that this works both ways. Brambline should also enjoy the game the same way we do in the guild, with not to much hassle or pressure to "make things happen". So I wouldn't join with to high expectations of regular events or the likes. Best is to be proactive yourself if you want to do something togheter with other guildies and not sit on the fence and wait for things to happen :)

As already mentioned guild chat is pretty chatty sometimes but there's also quiet spells. This goes for activity also, and that's probably down to the fact that most members have joined for the points under "what you don't have to do" in the guild rules thread ( viewtopic.php?f=1&t=3 ). Just before release of Cata the guild was pretty quiet but I think that was to be expected. The influx of new members now the expansion is out has been really fun and it's nice to see new faces and hope to still meet more.

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Expert Scribe
Expert Scribe
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 Post subject: Re: Testimonials
PostPosted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:19 pm 
I think you would call me a casual gamer but I have been playing WoW on and off since 2007, though never really clicked with any other players so it was always quite a solitary game for me (eventually stalling with my character somewhere about level 48/49). Just before Cataclysm came out I decided to try it again and was surprised when the changes to my Hunter made him so much fun to play and I found myself levelling him right up almost without break, and endeavouring to find out more about the other sides of the game rather than just plain levelling.

Coming from a NWN PW that was focussed upon RP and good spirits between players, when I realised finding a guild might be a first step to learning more about the game I sought on the main WoW forums for a guild that sought to foster sensible and mature players in the hopes that my terrible mechanical prowess would be overlooked ;) The Elders seemed the perfect thing for me and I applied at once.

I don't have experience of what a more intensive guild might be like, but I can say that the situation I find here suits me very well indeed. I like a little bit of chat and banter occasionally but equally I don't feel like I'm ignoring people if I go into a dungeon and need to concentrate on my fighting :P Also having a pool of players knowledge to dip into (and as others have said, willing aid on quests and dungeons should it be needed), gives the guild on both alliance and horde a warm feeling.

IRL I'm level 39 ;)

Horde side:
Timral - 85 Blood Elf Hunter (main)
Sharboli - 61 Undead Mage
Pakette - 19 Goblin Shaman
Martiul - 13 Blood Elf Priest
Rhangu - 13 Tauren Warrior

Alliance side:
Lunarde - 78 Worgen Druid
Abrith - 23 Human Priest
Tholmas - 6 Human Warlock

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