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Author:  Brambline [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:17 pm ]
Post subject:  The Guild Houses

Feel like meeting your fellow Elders face to face? You're in luck! The Elders have two favourite meeting spots or"guild houses" as some like to call them.

The Ratchet House, Kalimdor
Located on the upper hills of Ratchet and overlooking the town, this house has everything an Elder might need. On the bottom level is a forge and anvil for those much needed repairs and crafting needs, whilst upstairs one will find a comfortable bedroom for the weary traveller, complete with it's own balcony for relaxing and "watching the world go by". The Neutral town of Ratchet has a bank, smithy, harbor, inn, mailbox and flight master. A trip to the tropics of Stranglethorn Vale is only a 5 minute boat ride away!






The Sheep House, Eastern Kingdoms
Hidden upon a mountain peak that overlooks a gorgeous valley of ponds, waterfalls and trees, is a tiny house we fondly refer to as "The Sheep House", named after the large herd of gentle sheep that putter about in the front yard. It is unknown who owns the house or if it is owned at all, barren of any furnishings or furniture as it is. But a small gnome gentleman sits inside and only pays heed if you meddle with his robotic sheep which is cleverly disguised as it mingles with the rest of the herd without giving much more away than a soft whirring sound from time to time. My belief is that the gent is an tinker of some sort and has come there to do experiments with his inventions. Or perhaps, just "get away from it all", as we all do from time to time. In any case he does not seem to mind one way or the other if we're there or not.

This house is for when the Elders need a more private and peaceful get-away. The fact that one can only access it through flight, secures it as the perfect location for such needs. You'll often find Elders huddled together around a roaring fire, roasting freshly caught fish from the lake below and sharing tales of their many adventures.

Despite being near to Stormwind, it still feels far away from everything.

The yard is filled with sheep which bring a calming atmosphere and life to the place.

Placed on top of a mountain, not accessible by foot. At the base of the mountain are many beautiful waterfalls, a lake for swimming and fishing and several tents and campfires. Flying in from the south, the house looks very inviting and welcoming with the light on in the window. It makes you think "My family is at home waiting for me".

Inside the unfurnished house sits a mysterious gnome gentleman.

Author:  Brambline [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Guild Houses

How to handle "intruders/visitors"

These two houses have been listed as our "official" hotspots in the [RP][INFO] Guild Headquarters thread on the Sha'tar forums.

So how do we refer to these houses if other people show up? Since buildings cannot be genuinely "owned" in World of Warcraft, it would be silly to claim them as ours, even if we do have them "reserved" in the thread. Actually the whole purpose of "claiming" them is to let folks of the RP community know that if you're looking to mingle with the Elders, these are likely spots you may find them.

In all simplicity, they are the places where the Elders of the lands enjoy congregating and "have done so, for a very long time" - to keep things vague yet credible.

The Ratchet House: I've never once seen anyone come in there when I was "idling" on my second account, dual boxing. I doubt we'll have much interaction with other players there despite it's close and immediate proximity to Ratchet town.

The Sheep House: I've spent many days idling there with Belaguine while playing Brambline on the other account. The location is frequently visited by those wishing to kill critters for achievements. Sometimes when I'm in the mood, Belaguine will walk up to these "killers" and roleplay her dismay. People's first reaction is "Is this your place?" to which she answers no, and instead explains that she's helping out the old man inside by tending to the sheep. I usually send them an OOC whisper about having better luck with critters in the Ironforge tram, killing rats. And they are usually happy to leave in search of a more productive critter location.

If someone comes along claiming the house is theirs and that they live there. Don't try to argue against this, instead remember that as an Elder, you are (old) wise and calm. Not easily shaken and have "seen it all". Treat the person with understanding, yet keeping your ground. An example conversation:

Them: "We bought this place, it's ours. It says so right here on this paper! Now get out!"
You: "Yes, very nice! Now then - I've been cooking some tea and biscuits, would you care for any before I have my nap? I do feel weary. These old bones are aching all over. Have you seen my walking stick friend?"

In other words act like it's self evident to you that this is your territory and that they are simply "a little confused" and that you are more than happy to be hospitable to "your guests".

If they get abusive or ugly, you can always send them a OOC whisper with the link to the thread showing them "proof" that this is an official Elders hotspot. They'll most likely back off after that.

Note: The above is just a suggestion and how I would personally handle it, feel free to do it your own way. The main thing is to not outright claim that the house is "owned by us" in RP and not to lower ourselves to getting in any silly debates. Just don't even go there. You don't need to :-).

Author:  Wolfhammer [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Guild Houses

Of course this is the best way to handle "things" ;)

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