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 Post subject: Guild Roleplaying Mentality
PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:08 am 
There are many ways for people to roleplay which I fully recognise and respect. I've never been a big fan of the "one and only correct way to act and speak whilst roleplaying" mentality. So whatever your style, you are welcome as long as you remain in character when speaking in officer chat, which is reserved for IC discussion (roleplaying).

Story and purpose of the Elders
There is no grand tale behind the forming of the Elders (although I'm sure a very fancy one could be easily made!), it is simply a natural gathering of elder citizens of the horde and alliance who have gradually gravitated towards each other over time, finding companionship and comfort.

The reason I didn't conjure a fictional backstory is because it would feel forced and selfish for me to decide on behalf of the guild, what lays in it's history. Instead I prefer to allow the guild to lay down it's own history in a natural and organic way - a history made up of real in game events involving real Elder members.

The role of an Elder
Let us first look at how the word "elder" is defined:

1. of greater age; older.
2. of higher rank; senior: an elder officer.
3. of or pertaining to former times; earlier: Much that was forbidden by elder custom is accepted today.
4. a person who is older or higher in rank than oneself.
5. an aged person.
6. an influential member of a tribe or community, often a chief or ruler; a superior.

Elder is a surname. It may also refer to "friends or family" or to:
- Elder (administrative title), position of authority
- Elder (Christianity), person valued for his wisdom who accordingly holds a particular position of responsibility in a Christian group

How you define your character as an Elder is completely up to you. To give some examples - one person might wander from town to town teaching younglings the ways of the world. Another will try to act as a peace loving diplomat, speaking words of wisdom to young warlords who thirst for blood and wage needless wars. A third might take pride in their age, gliding down walkways of Dalaran, as onlookers whisper with admiration and respect. A fourth may feel weary of the things they've witnessed during their life, retreating to a mountain top for peace and meditation. A fifth may be just an old grump.

It all depends on the character, their personality and history. Who am I to say what "elder" is to you?

Officer chat
The officer channel is reserved for roleplaying and you can write to it with the /officer or /o command.

Many have asked for an IC explanation to how we are technically able to communicate via chat. The way I see it, the possibility for us to talk is not all that surprising or in need of explanation, when you consider how many other magical things there are in the fantasy world of Warcraft. So I've never personally felt a need to explain how I am chatting via text.

But I can understand that for some folks it's important to have a logical explanation for everything and wish to take on an ability or device with which they communicate. Some use hearthstones, gnomish devices or crystals, whilst others were "blessed" with a magic to do so.

Thus, to support the variation in styles and to avoid trampling over anyone's personal explanation for chatting, I've decided that the guild doesn't use any offical item or ability to communicate. We all use what we use and the words merge together magically.

However aside all of this, the main thing is to enjoy yourself! Don't be too hung up on spelling or grammar errors. Remember that we are on a EU server, so most of us do not have English as a native language anyhow. And if you're English is really bad, how about flaunting it by using it to your advantage? Make your broken english the signature style for your character to speak, forming it into an accent! Much more interesting this way anyhow :-).

The Elders are not an elite RP community, we're all very forgiving and laid back. The only thing we are strict about during RP is avoiding the obvious (lolling, references to RL etc) and of course following the name policies of WoW .

Empire: Brambline [GM], Mitisa
Republic: Lulai [GM], Shalestina, Saphireena

Horde: Brambline [GM], Jezaline, Brula, Gruzie, Bita
Alliance: Lulai [GM], Shalestina, Felunia, Ferocia, Belaguine, Saphireena, Grunilla, Mitisa, Fasha, Ferabine

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