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ServerThe Sha'tar
The Elders

We are an online community of older roleplayers, playing on the EU RP servers of several different MMOs and offer a friendly and stress-free environment for adult [25+] players. You can find us in the following games / servers:

WoW [EU] The Sha'tar: <The Elders> on horde and <Elders> on alliance
SWTOR [EU], The Progenitor: <The Elders> on Empire side and <Elders> on Republic side
GW2 [EU]EU, Piken Square: <The Elders>
TSW [EU], Arcadia: <The Elders>
Eve Online: <The Elders Fleet>

Join us!
1) Read what we're all about
2) Go through the rules and ensure you agree to them
3) Apply!

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New Years Party in Un'goro Crater!
12/19/2009 06:14 by Brambline


The Elders on Facebook and Twitter!
07/20/2009 05:58 by Brambline

The summer season has quieted down WoW as usual and most of us are out enjoying our summer holidays. Others have had new additions to the family and have hardly any time for playing anymore. Whatever the reason, it would still be nice to keep in contact with fellow guild members. So for that reason I've created a Facebook group for us. If you use Facebook and aren't shy about revealing your RL self, feel free to join in! Join here!

Are you too busy to check what's going on with guild events and use Twitter to keep yourself updated on stuff? We now have a Twitter account where anything that deserves immediate attention will be posted, such as spontaneous decisions to go on a raid or important news concerning the guild. Twitter here!


The Guild Tabards have been upgraded
03/27/2009 01:25 by Brambline

Since we now have both a horde and alliance side, it felt appropriate to differentiate the two factions somehow. From now on, Alliance will have the old pure white tabard whilst the horde side will have a pure black version. The design otherwise is identical.

In addition, the old octupus icon has been changed to something more fitting and now has two serpents intertwined to symbolize the union yet difference of the two sides.

Here is how they look:

Naturally, the uniform designer will also undergo change as alliance characters need to be added with the current selection, whilst horde characters will be added with clothes that match a black tabard better.


The Elders can now be found on both factions!
03/25/2009 03:02 by Brambline


Ambassador to the .. Penguins?
02/17/2009 00:19 by Brambline

It's nice that the Elders are going out and about, improving relations. But is this going too far? Read all about it here.

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